"For years, I suffered from chronic lower back pain, sciatica and RSI. Things finally shifted when I took Alexander Technique lessons and discovered what I had been up to in my life that was causing strain and pain. The process of re-learning how to move and operate differently through lessons was interesting. By changing how I moved and how I thought, I found lasting relief from pain, strain and tension, and my posture improved naturally as a consequence.

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Learn how to Change the Causes of Tension, Pain and Strain

Through lessons in the Alexander Technique, you can relieve, reduce and prevent pain by learning to move more efficiently, with better posture and greater ease and lightness.


What you can gain:

1. Lasting relief from pain, strain and tension.

2. A greater sense of balance and stability

3.  Improved posture and movement, whether it’s how you stand, sit, bend, walk or run.

4. A greater sense of ease, freedom and efficiency.

Is This an Evidence-Based Approach?

The British Medical Journal ran a large-scale randomised controlled trial of this complementary approach. and found it highly beneficial for chronic back pain. So far it has also been shown to help with neck pain and osteoarthritis, with further trials coming.

Is This Approach Preventative?

The process can help relieve pain in the short-term as well as reduce occurrences in the long term. A British Medical Journal study also found the benefits can be long-term, with relief lasting for months and even years without further sessions. This makes this approach far more effective and lower cost than other approaches they tested, as well as being preventative in that it can help avoid future pain or re-injury.

What is involved?

Alexander Technique is a form of neuromuscular re-training which can ease pain, decompress the joints and spine, and reduce strain. It achieves all this by tackling the issue from three key areas.

1. Exploring how you can go about daily activities, improving how you move, and helping you adopt a more natural posture. You will discover how to improve everyday movements – including sitting, bending, standing, lifting, and walking  – allowing greater ease and freedom.
During a session you are making discoveries about how you are normally moving, learning a different way to which you can often immediately experience for yourself as feeling easier. By re-training yourself to move more naturally, you can ease pain, reduce strain and prevent risk of further injury. Once you have integrated this new way, the changes are often long-lasting, with positive knock-on benefits to your health, your posture, and your life.

2. A gentle “hands-on” technique as well as guided instruction, which helps release excess tension and relieve imbalances.  This may involve table-work, which is relaxing and therapeudic. This is different to massage as the aim is to help you become aware of tension and learn to release it yourself.

3. In some cases, chronic pain and postural issues can have contributing factors such as  anxiety, stress, etc. As a common example, chronic pain sufferers often develop fear of re-injury and change their behaviours in ways that research has shown causes pain and increases risk of injury. These factors can also be addressed and often relieved.


Symptoms and problems which can be helped by this approach include:

  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Neck & shoulder pain
  • Joint Pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • M.E.
  • Various musculoskeletal and postural issues

The changes you make, physical and mental, can improve how you move, sit and stand. You can alleviate pain, feel lighter, move and “hold yourself” without effort, improve your posture, and release a lifetime of accumulated tensions and imbalances.

How long does it take to find improvement?

This depends entirely on your goals and current state. Some people come for one or two sessions and are satisfied with the relief they gain. Others interested in long-term benefits typically come for a course of 6 sessions.
Some individuals with chronic, disabling conditions continue regular sessions as they continue to improve and benefit, while others are happy to have gained some relief and feel they have had enough. If you are unsure, you can come for a 15-minute consultation to discuss your situation.

What can I expect during a session?

A session lasts around 60 mins and focuses on finding ways of moving that reduce pain. During the process, we will look for postural factors that might add to, or cause, pain in your daily life and discover easier, more natural ways to move.

By doing so, you can:

  • Relieve Pain
  • Reducing muscle tension and strain
  • Improve your posture
  • Gain tools to prevent and relieve future pain and discomfort on your own
  • Feel lighter, freer, and more relaxed
  • Feel more grounded

If you are unsure whether this can help you, please call to arrange a 15-minute consultation.

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Phone: (021) 431 1977
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