Aaron is an ex-sufferer of Anxiety Disorder. After going through over 20 years of anxiety, believing it to be depression, he turned to the Linden Method out of desperation. After a week, his panic attacks disappeared, and after 4 weeks, his anxiety dissipated down to a normal response to fear. After he used the method to successfully recover, he then became Ireland’s first Linden Anxiety Recovery Therapist.

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Aaron brings a wealth of other treatments including NLP, Cognitive Reorganisation, Laughter Therapy, and Sleep Therapy. He began working at the Natural Clinic in August 2017, and brings with him a well-established reputation for success.



About Linden Anxiety Recovery

LAR (‘Linden Anxiety Recovery’) is the world’s only dedicated, accredited anxiety recovery therapy. LAR Practitioners are professionally qualified and licenced Anxiety Recovery Coaches who, through a structured and supportive treatment process, enable you to create reduction and ultimate elimination of ALL inappropriate fear (anxiety); returning the sufferer to normal, balanced emotional responses and physical equilibrium.


The anxiety conditions that can be treated include generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), disturbing thoughts (Pure O), low mood (anxiety related depression), anxiety related eating disorders and PTSD. The process removes anxiety disorders deep within the subconscious mind; the part of your mind that controls, amongst other things, your emotional responses.


LAR Coaching is not CBT based and is not therapy or counselling. We are not in the game of ‘managing’ anxiety or providing coping strategies… we want to help you to become the best you can possibly be and gain ultimate fulfilment in every aspect of your life.


Your recovery will also result in you being ‘programmed’ to be resistant to developing another anxiety disorder in future. The process is so simple, so fast and so effective and produces long-term results.

Coaching is provided one to one in a five-session-structure. When you become a Linden Method Coaching Member you will also have online access to all programme materials and be entitled to ‘wrap-around’ support from The Linden Centre Specialists by telephone or email, should you require it, for up to three months after joining.

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