Uncertainty looms large in our lives at the moment. Some of us are surfing this 3rd lockdown with ease while many are really struggling and the news that level 5 may continue even longer is not helping. We’ve become accustomed to less proximity and to less time with others...
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Colonics in the clinic

As a big advocate of the natural approach we work closely with some of Corks best Nutritional Therapists to let the body do what it really loves to do, cleanse your colon and get you healthy, with a little help. Although we do not offer colonic irrigation at The...
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What’s important?

Speaking to people lately feels different. I’ve asked and people are saying the same. From my own perspective I feel closer to people even when they are far away. We can communicate so easily these days but were we really connecting, are we connecting now? Is the extra I...
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Professional Clinical Supervision

For many professions, having a safe, confidential environment to learn, reflect and get the support you need is essential. This is what Clinical supervision is all about. It can take many forms, depending on the needs of the person, the practitioner, and the profession. While sometimes it can be easy...
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Traditional Chinese Medicine: What’s the Meaning of Summer?

Acupuncturist in Cork
Traditional Chinese Medicine & Chinese Acupuncture practitioner, Joao Rosa, writes about the symbology and meaning of Summer within Traditional Chinese Medicine.    Summer is here! Everything that was prepared in spring has its heyday this season, by definition the height of Yang. In terms of Chinese Medicine, Summer is...
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