Traditional Chinese Medicine: What’s the Meaning of Summer?

Acupuncturist in Cork
Traditional Chinese Medicine & Chinese Acupuncture practitioner, Joao Rosa, writes about the symbology and meaning of Summer within Traditional Chinese Medicine.    Summer is here! Everything that was prepared in spring has its heyday this season, by definition the height of Yang. In terms of Chinese Medicine, Summer is...
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New people to meet and greet.

It’s been an interesting spring at The Natural Clinic.  With the arrival of Helen Bohan and her amazing somatic therapy, where psychotherapy meets movement and physical release we are seeing how people’s trauma can be held in their body and how it’s release can be incredibly effective in dealing...
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Help your body yourself.

It’s only been 5 months since we introduced our osteopath and physiotherapist Jesús Arribas to you. Since then, everyone at The Natural Clinic has been wowed by his ability to really make a difference to peoples health. Working as he does with any muscle issues and/or spinal, bone or...
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Chronic Pain Due to stress.

Muscle tension, body soreness, headaches. For people with stress disorders, pain like this may be all too familiar. Pain can be a common symptom – and sometimes a good indicator – of a stress disorder. Co-occurring chronic pain disease can make functioning even more difficult for someone with a...
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Help yourself.

In the nearly 4 years that the clinic has been up and running I’ve seen thousands of people come and go. Each one of them having changed a little and in some ways a lot for having been here and met some of the brilliant therapists that work together...
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Chronic Fatigue as a symptom

Working with Chronic Fatigue Clients in Cork exclusively with nutritional protocols taught me a lot about the human body. I was drawn to it because I saw such a transformation in people when we even started working together that I relished watching. It gave me such energy to watch...
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