Food has changed my life. Before studying Naturopathic Nutrition, my diet was as bad as anyone. Working in hospitality, I believed that the answer to good taste was: sugar, flavourings, fat — and lots of it! The food I cooked was tasty, but, my health wasn’t the best. I was four stone overweight, suffered from ongoing backaches, low energy and digestion problems. I decided things needed to change.

As I implemented what I was learning in college, I started feeling better and better. I lost the extra weight I was hauling around every day, my back was less sore, I was feeling healthier.
The thing that changed my life most was my mood. I started feeling happy again, didn’t feel the need to binge eat anymore, and have been feeling very positive ever since!

The best part is, I found ways to make my meals taste just as good as before while using therapeutic foods to support my health. My aim is to make my client’s lives as easy as possible with a food-first approach, client-centred care and plenty of easy cooking tips.


This is Nutritional Therapy, an evidence-based approach that I use to support the digestive, nervous, circulatory and in fact all systems of the body.

What do I specialize in?

Digestive issues and their relation to inflammation. Inflammation can effect your body in many ways including being a causative  factor in lung health and joint health and mobility. Inflammation can cause many skin conditions, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and inflammatory bowel conditions.

Blood sugar imbalance and their relationship to hormonal balance and it’s connection to stress and anxiety.

Depression: there can be a huge number of reasons why your mood might be low, or you feel depressed. And because there are different possible reasons for how you feel, there are also different possible ways to support your mood and mental health. Your mental health could improve a lot by making a couple of simple changes in your diet and lifestyle. Have I mentioned that, as a Nutritional Therapist, I also look at different lifestyle factors, rather than just ‘calories in vs calories out’? Empowering my clients through nutrition is one of my passions, get in touch if you have any questions.

When following any of my tailor-made dietary programs, clients have reported secondary improvements in:

– Nervous system: improved sleep and relaxation, decreased depression and anxiety.

– Weight: weight loss, weight gain or maintenance.

– Digestion: relieved constipation, bloating, IBS-like symptoms, reflux and diarrhoea.

– Cardio-Vascular health: reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

I will take a detailed health history and develop a plan specific to the system or systems of the body that are not working optimally.

There are 3 visits with the system I use, each 3 weeks apart. Once one system is working we build on that and work with the next system until your body is responding with a significant decrease or a cessation in symptoms.

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Individual 1-hour Consultation: €90
Natural Slim 9-week Program: €250 (one-time payment, includes 3 consultations)

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