About Michael

Kinesiology  is where my healing journey took off. After a few years of training, I qualified as a Kinesiologist in 2014. This was the foundation for my passion in helping people. Suffering from anxiety for more than half my life, I know and understand the pains both children and adults can go through, and the challenges they face on a daily basis. 

How does Kinesiology Muscle testing work

Whether you were referred to Kinesiology through a family member or friend, or you’ve stumbled upon it while searching for solutions… I am pleased to introduce you to the system designed to help you:

Re-Ignite Your Body’s Innate Energy, Soothe Digestive Issues and Ease Headaches… So You Can Get Back to Enjoying Your Life.

Have you found recently that you’re just not 100%? Perhaps some mornings you wake tired. Or you’re in a slump by early afternoon, or you rarely feel you have the “get up and go” to do the things you used to love. 

Many of my clients also experience digestive issues such as acid reflux, IBS, heartburn or stomach ulcers. Or they feel their concentration and memory have declined recently, which is a big worry for them.

Have you used coffee, medication or supplements to help with these symptoms? My clients report that these can help — but the underlying issue doesn’t seem to be going away. 

When you’re just not feeling yourself, there’s little joy or excitement, and the days start trudging by… You find yourself asking— 

“Is this the way it’s going to be from now on?”

Thankfully, you can experience relief from these symptoms through Kinesiology — an effective method to facilitate healing and rebalance your body’s energy levels.

Experience How Kinesiology Can Help You:

  • Boost your energy levels — so you can feel excited about activities again. 
  • Enjoy deeper, more restful sleep, so you wake feeling replenished and energised each morning
  • Alleviate digestive issues such as acid reflux, constipation, IBS or tummy pains, so you can enjoy your food without worry of being woken up at night from discomfort
  • Soothe headaches, body aches and pains that often accompany these symptoms
  • Address fatigue, thyroid issues, and sinus issues if they are present in your body

What Previous Clients Have Said

Lillian, Tipperary
My energy levels were at an all-time low. I had no motivation and I struggled desperately with time-keeping. Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia more than 10 years previously, I assumed this was a progression of the disorder combined with middle-age fatigue and the stress and demands of family life, parenthood and work.  Since starting the programme in June this year, and taking the suggested remedies over the past 3 months, I have experienced a huge revival. The boost in energy came within the first 2 weeks of the programme and my motivation returned quickly as a result. These changes have given me a mental clarity and emotional resilience that I never knew I had. Family relationships have improved almost as a side-effect of my positivity and I have renewed confidence in myself in all areas of my life.

Julian, Cork

Trish, Cork

I attended Michael’s Clinic for sinus issues . Michael used both Kinesiology and NES Health Bioenergetics programme to help with the sinus issues. The results are my sinuses have vastly improved and my overall health has improved tremendously. My  mental clarity has  also vastly improved.

I would highly recommend Michael as he is both forward thinking  and very professional. He is also genuinely interested in helping the patient to achieve excellent health.

Shirley, Cork
I was suffering from burnout when I went to Michael. I was feeling depressed and could not sleep. Even after one session of Neuroptimal Neurofeedback training I could feel the cloud lifting. Having now had ten sessions I feel so much better, no depression and sleeping really well. Michael is such a kind and compassionate person and I am very grateful to him.

Alison, Cork
I feel so fortunate to have found Michael’s Programme. It truly is a life-changing and transformational programme. I am in my mid 30’s and have had a pattern of anxiety and depression since my teens. I found school really stressful and that meant I was hypervalent and anxious growing up. I have tried many different therapies over the years to help my nervous system and overall health. They have all helped but I still experienced underlying anxiety. Before meeting Michael I was feeling really burnt out and depressed. My sleep was terrible. It took only a few sessions to feel a lift in my mood and energy. My sleep improved so much also. Now that I have completed Michael’s programme I am feeling better than ever. I feel like my anxiety and overthinking has seamlessly dissipated, which feels so freeing.

Linda Kelleher, Cork
I can highly recommend Michael. He is highly trained and and runs a very professional clinic. Kinesiology is very beneficial to all in this fast pace life we all lead. Take time to mind yourself and body. Kinesiology is great to help with energy levels, muscle pains, joint pain and creates a happy calm wellbeing within yourself, to name just a few…give it a go. 


What Happens During The Session

Your body holds information about what has happened in your life, like stressful events, physical injuries, mental or emotional traumas you may have experienced. It also holds information on how your body can heal and what area needs support, helping you to function more efficiently and effectively in your daily life.

I use Kinesiology muscle testing, which is an amazing tool, that allows me to access this information held in your body.  During a session I will place your arm in a specific position and will then  apply gentle pressure. The arm that I am testing will either not move/lock or move/unlock. When the arm does not move/lock, this is considered positive feedback from your body. If the arm moves/unlocks, then this is considered negative feedback from your body.

Then touching different points on your body that are related to the different organs and glands, i.e. the Liver, Lungs, Thyroid, Pineal gland,  and doing a muscle test at the same time, if this area is under stress, it will cause your arm to move/unlock. This is indicating that the specific area needs support. Then based on this information and using Kinesiology muscle testing, I can identify exactly what vitamin, mineral or herb may be needed to support your specific body part and how long you need to take that supplement for.

Lets chat

At the start of each session I will spend a few minutes connecting with you and chatting about how you are and what concerns you have. I will then do a scan of your bodies energy field, to identify where there are energy distortions in the energy field of your organs and where there are energy blocks that need to be cleared. This scan is done using advanced technology that can measure the energy field of the organs in your body and gives a graphical representation on a computer screen. To do the scan, you will place your hand on a scanning device, much like a computer mouse, for about 20 seconds and the software will run, scanning your energy field.

Time to relax

Once the scan is done you will then lay on a comfortable therapy table and I will show you what a muscle test is, which is used to get further information from your body on what it needs to heal. We will then identify what area is a priority for your body to be worked on. This could be a physical issue, nutritional, or emotional issue. Your body will always show what is the priority area to focus on, and I follow that. I will always respect what information your body is presenting to me.

Once we have identified what area your body needs support for and if there is a supplement needed, I will then use a P.E.M.F device called a miHealth, to clear energy blocks, as reported in the scan we did at the start of the session.

Session wrap up

Once we are completed with the work while you lay on the therapy table, we will sit down and review what came up in the Kinesiology muscle testing and what organs showed energy distortions in your body energy system scan. Based on the energy distortions and energy blockages from the scan, we will discuss how this can be impacting your life and what needs to be done to correct these distortions and blockages.

I will provide you with the protocol that you need to follow for the next few weeks, for what supplements or remedies you need to take, when and for how long you need to take then, starting you on your healing journey to better health. 

If you feel permanently plagued by low energy, fatigue, and digestive issues…

It does not have to be this way for you. You can feel refreshed in the morning after a night’s sleep, you can be happy within yourself again and in your relationships with your loved ones, you can enjoy your food again without the thoughts or fears of getting acid reflux or stomach pains. And you can get out and enjoy activities again — without the aches and pains.

Feeling is believing…

Most of my new clients hear about kinesiology through referral. If this applies to you, you’ve already heard and seen for yourself what is possible. Why not feel it for yourself?

Let’s get your energy back

The initial consultation lasts 1.5 hours and is temporarily discounted from €100 to €80. I’d recommend booking early to take advantage of the savings.
Follow up sessions are €80 euro and last up to 1 hour.

Book an appointment below, or call 021 4311 977 


Neurofeedback Brain Training

NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Brain Training is an advanced state of art technology, I use helping people with Anxiety, Stress, Sleep issues, Focus and Concentration issues, Mental clarity, Mental performance, Emotional trauma, PTSD and Mental health. Developed by Clinical Psychologists, it is very safe, non-invasive and relaxing.

Clearing the Fog

Neurofeedback helps to enhance how your Brain and Central Nervous system functions, helping you to function more efficiently and effectively in your daily life. As you progress through the Neurofeedback sessions, you will start to feel and think more clearer, get through work more efficiently and effortlessly and feel more calm and relaxed. Over time issues will gradually start to dissipate bit by bit, until you realise, you have just been in a situation where you felt more calm and comfortable. Before you may have been anxious, have scattered thoughts and not have been able to focus, all causing to increase your stress levels.

33 minutes of relaxation……you may even fall asleep!

Neurofeedback sessions are 33 minutes long, where you will lay on a comfortable therapy table and listen to gentle relaxing music while your brain is being trained. It is considered a gym session for your brain. Sessions are weekly and people do blocks of 10 sessions. The minimum number of recommended sessions for kids is 10 and for adults is 20. For kids, during the session they can watch a movie or cartoon. While adults listen to relaxing music.

In the video below I wear the device and explain how it works.

Get Your Energy Back — Book Your Place

Initial consultation lasts up to 1.5 hours.
Follow up sessions are up to 1 hour.