“Beautiful are those whose brokenness gives birth to transformation and wisdom.” – John Mark Green

LUIS MISSION is to be a safe space where you and I feel grounded, connected, open and authentic and from that place, serve and inspire people at a higher level, helping them to unlock the sparkle of being alive, excel to their full potential and live a life beyond their dreams.

My name is Luis, I’m a Certified Life and Transformation Coach, Strategic Interventionist, Speaker and Insight Meditation Instructor. I help people bridge the gap between, trauma, control, fear, stuckness or lack of fulfilment, to growth, and purpose in life.

Contact Luis via email. luis.oaklift@gmail.com Or phone 0873348490

We all want to find purpose, and fulfilment in life, to feel and be happy in our relationships, our careers and mostly in ourselves. I am truly passionate about leveraging my skill set to assist others, and the ingredients for the change lie within ourselves but life can throw up many obstacles in our way. Old patterns of beliefs, thoughts and behaviours, social pressure and lack of clarity about what we really want. A lack of the right knowledge or skills to recognize what to do and not to mention how we feel about ourselves and fear of change.

As a Strategic Intervention and Transformation Coach I use practices from the most practical and effective forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines: Ericksonian therapy, strategic family therapy, Human Needs Psychology, organizational psychology, neurolinguistics, psychology of influence, strategic studies, traditions of diplomacy and negotiation, Internal Family Systems Model (Inner-child work), Breathwork, Somatic exercises for mind & body connection…

In My sessions, my clients learn about themselves and their needs, triggers, core beliefs, key relationships, and safety problems. They learn to shift their mindset to thinking more creatively while seeing the great potential in all aspects of their life. This allows them to overcome any obstacles and fears that have had limiting effects on having more, safety, connection, joy and growth. As a Life, Strategic Interventionist, Wholeness Coach, and Trauma Release Facilitator, my focus is on helping you fully express and realize what you really are and connect with that, collecting all the wounded parts you left behind and integrating them with acceptance and unconditional love. When you do, your work, your business, your life and your relationships will be joyfully rich, fulfilling and abundant.

“Embrace each challenge in your life as an opportunity for self-transformation.” – Bernie Siegel


1. LIFE AND TRANSFORMATION COACHING – Personal development, growth, wellbeing, rediscovering yourself, overcoming limitations, finding meaning and purpose, bringing your life into alignment and finally finding fulfilment, bringing back joy and excitement and waking up each day with a sense of gratitude and passion for being alive.

2. STRATEGIC INTERVENTION & INTEGRATION COACH – Relationships, life transitions, family dynamics, healing the roots of anxiety, triggers, beliefs, co-dependency, abuse, control and manipulation, narcissistic abuse and shadow work facilitation (inner-child work).

3.TRAUMA RELEASE FACILITATOR – Trauma, emotion and tension release, with shamanic breathwork, trauma release exercises, embodiment, somatic approach to trauma, mapping the body to heal, connect and integrate body, mind & soul.

4. BREATHWORK, MEDITATION & EMBODIMENT – To overcome crisis, stress and anxiety, managing emotions with Shamanic breathwork, meditation, and other modalities, embodiment, exploring presence, awareness, and open the heart to compassion, self-love, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness, and from that grounded place find the sparkle of life.

By opening your heart you’ll start to experience amazing breakthroughs, like waking up each day excited to start the day with so much love, gratitude, passion, compassion, and clarity… because you are finally in alignment with your soul purpose.

Because Your life matters…
Let me help you create a life story you’ll love telling and will inspire others!
Let’s work it out together… You can do this.

My life purpose is to help you be your true self, uninhibited by fear and control. I want to be a source of light that radiates and inspire others to live authentically and with passion. I want to stand up for what I believe in and to contribute positively to my community and the world. My deepest wish in life is to give something beautiful to this world, something that breaks through our barriers and reaches the soul. I want to leave this world knowing that I made it a better place.” – Luis Carvalho

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” – Khalil Gibran


€60/ 1hr Session 

€110/ 2h Session

Packages available (https://oaklift.com/oakliftprograms)

APPOINTMENT & CANCELATION POLICY – Please have in mind that you will be given a protected time slot, it means I cannot offer this appointment to anyone else. If you need to cancel your appointment, please  give me 24hr notice, minimum. I would ask you to ensure that you keep me informed of any upcoming holidays or other commitments you are aware of so that your appointment slot can be allocated appropriately. If you do not give me notice that you will not be attending your scheduled appointment or cancel within an hour of your scheduled appointment, you will be charged in full for the appointment.

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