Rosi Lalor - Massage Therapist, Cork

My name is Rosi, and I’m a Holistic Massage Therapist based in Cork City.  I trained as a Holistic Therapist after being inspired by a life-changing treatment I received. It’s now my passion to give the same quality of experience to my own clients. 

To arrange your massage, call Rosi Lalor On 083 4747 709 or
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Aromatherapy Massage

The physical health benefits of massage are many. As well as unraveling ‘knots’ in tight muscles, the steady, rhythmical pressure used in massage has a soothing effect on the nervous system, which in turn benefits all other systems in the body e.g. respiration, digestion, circulation. The oils I use are also deeply nourishing for your skin.


About Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy involves the use of a few drops of plant-based essential oils combined with the carrier oil used for massage (I tend to use either grapeseed or almond oil for this). Each of the oils carries the therapeutic properties of the plant it is made from. For example, oils such as ginger or black pepper can be highly effective for warming stiff muscles, whereas others are known for their ability to soothe the emotional body. For example, rose oil can help soothe grief held in the heart, and citrus oils such as grapefruit or bergamot are known to have an uplifting effect on the emotions. An oil such as wild rosemary can help de-clutter the mind, sandalwood can help bring you back down to earth if you’re off into the clouds, peppermint can aid digestion, and frankincense and palo santo can help you connect to yourself on a spiritual level.

Our sense of smell is very strongly connected with memory and emotion through the limbic system in the brain. You may have experienced this link for yourself when you smelt a particular smell and were instantly transported into a vivid memory. Aromatherapy therefore enhances the therapeutic benefits of the massage, in that it can potentially assist the body to gently release any pent-up emotion it might be holding onto from the past.

The way I work

As a holistic therapist, I believe that we need different types of support at different times. For example, sometimes it might be our physical body that needs our attention, and other times it’s our thinking patterns or our relationships that need to be tended to. Whether you come to me for aromatherapy massage, reflexology or reiki, I will always view you ‘holistically’. In other words, I will take into account that all aspects of your health, and all levels of your being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) are interconnected.


When I am giving you an aromatherapy massage my intention will always be to do so with the utmost compassion, presence and respect. Whilst I can certainly use a strong, deep pressure if what is needed is relief from muscular tension, I am also able to work in more gentle/subtle ways and on an energetic as well as physical level.


Who is my Massage For?

At the moment I am only offering aromatherapy massage for women. I am particularly interested in supporting women who may be struggling with body confidence issues or who perhaps have not received a massage before and require a therapist who is able to be sensitive to this.

What to expect

We will begin with a consultation to help me gather information about your physical health, as well as how you are emotionally. Based on your needs on that particular day, together we will choose a blend of three essential oils to best support you. During the consultation I will also talk you through the sequence of the full body massage so that you know what to expect, and we can discuss how we can tailor this to suit your needs e.g. if there is an area of tension that you’d me to focus on.

There are two treatment options available. The first is a 60 minute treatment (which will certainly do the job of helping you deeply relax and recalibrate!) However, if you need an extra special treat and/or you just really need to let go of a lot of physical or emotional stress, then I recommend a 90 minute treatment. (Priced €70 and €90 respectively).

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