The Natural Slim

The Natural Slim

The Natural Slim is a health-focused weight loss system that works on boosting cell health while losing weight. When you give your body what it wants, your cravings are reduced.

A recent clients had this to say:

“I am stunned that after 2 days I sat down for two evenings in a row and didn’t go to the” goodies” cupboard for my usual daily chocolate biscuits of bars etc. I actually totally forgot about them!!!???” Cathy G.

“I lost a half stone in a month, I’m not hungry and I have tons of energy. How is this possible?” Pat M.

The Natural Slim Gives You More Energy, Less Cravings and Reduces the Chance Of a Rebound

Our unique 3 phase system was designed over five years to work with your body’s natural systems.

Many people feel hungry and have less energy while dieting but not our clients.

We work with your body, adding specific foods to your diet so that your system feels satisfied and full of energy. With the right foods, the right fats, right proteins and the right complex carbohydrates, it’s possible to feel satisfied, shred fat from your body and ensure you’re getting more nutrients than ever. This means you lose weight without the cravings, energy spikes or rebounds that typically come with dieting.

Each phase takes three weeks. During each phase, you are guided on what to do. During the first phase, you will begin to notice differences in your cravings, your taste for healthy food will increase while your need for bad foods will begin to disappear. You’ll feel your energy levels rise and, most importantly, you’ll notice your waistline shrink. You don’t need to do more than follow our simple instructions to have your body begin its transformative process. Free from cravings or low energy.

End the Cycle of yo-yo Dieting

If you’re sick of losing weight only to have it all pile back on again, we offer a sustainable weight loss program that empowers you to become healthy for life.

The natural clinic has three Nutritional Therapists working with many conditions. But our weight loss system, The Natural Slim, is so specific that we have a dedicated therapist for that.

weight loss corkOur Dutch Nutritional Therapist, Jorien has her own amazing story of her personal experience with weight loss. Read more about Jorien’s story here.

Change how you live and work with food with this amazing system.

The full 9 week program including 3 hour long consultations and 3 in dept and tailored instruction programs, support throughout the 9 weeks and a fantastic instructional tour of a large health-store (just next to the clinic) costs just €250, payable on the day of first consultation.