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For years, I struggled with fatigue, poor health and a range of symptoms that left me feeling very deflated.  I knew something was wrong and went to get help. I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease. It was a lot to take on board at the time. I was still in my thirties and had a young family.

I found little benefit from the medical treatment I was given. But luckily I have always had a personal interest in food and nutrition. In my investigation for solutions, I successfully healing myself through nutritional and  lifestyle changes. The changes were massive. I realised that if I could be helped through diet, others could too. This personal experience led me to the field of Nutritional Therapy.

I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist in July of 2011. I then completed a further two programs with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), including an advanced course in Gastrointestinal Dysfunction.

I have experience in dealing with a broad range of illnesses. This includes a variety of auto-immune diseases. What I see in all of them is some level of gastrointestinal (gut) dysfunction.

People who suffer from anxiety and/or depression also appear to have gut dysfunction and benefit greatly from Nutritional Therapy. Our “Second Brain” is in our gut and influences our mood and well-being. It is called our enteric nervous system and goes well beyond just processing the food we eat. Just think about those “butterflies” we feel when we get nervous/excited.

I believe good nutrition is the foundation to a healthy life; When your gut is functioning optimally all aspects of wellbeing are improved. Food is fuel for our body but it also has the very important job of signalling  our genes. Every piece of food you consume provides potent dietary signals that directly influence the metabolic programming of our cells.

In the last few decades, farming has become more and more intensive. The soils have become depleted of many important minerals. We have so much more stress in our daily lives. which also depletes our vitamin and mineral reserves, and we have a vast amount of toxins in our food, in our toiletries, and in other chemicals that we come into contact with every day. Many of these chemicals are toxins that our bodies struggle to remove.

There has been a huge rise in auto-immune diseases, metabolic syndrome, as well as IBS and food intolerances. Our medical system has trouble dealing with these issues. I believe it’s because they are not addressing these issues at their root.

I strongly believe in empowering people to achieve a healthier and happier self, through the choices they make on a daily basis. With a properly functioning gut, better health becomes attainable.

If you’d like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to give me a call. We can also arrange a 15-minute consultation so you can see if it’s for you.

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