Do you feel misunderstood when communicating with others? Do you have so many dreams, but just don’t see them being realized. Or, do you work really hard, but it seems that it just doesn’t pay off? Are you wondering why you keep having physical complaints for which there seems no cure? This can be a sign that emotions are trapped in your body, attracting your attention so they can find a way out. Get rid of what is blocking your personal and professional abundance!

In the abundance program we give the body an opportunity to get rid of trapped emotions: body and mind can act freely and your heart no longer feels blocked in loving communication. It opens the spirit to the flow of life and allows abundance to overflow!

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About Saskia

After so many years of travelling and working in service of those in need, I reached a point where I was wondering: ‘where do I come from and where am I going?’. Through these personal questions and a body which would no longer do what I was used it would do, I was able to go back to my roots. The physical limits allowed me to rediscover the silent whispering of my heart as a source of inspiration and life.

Enriched by oriental wisdom I learned that, if we want to grow and change our (inherited) patterns for good, we need to take into consideration our person as a whole.

In the last few years, I guided people who, after illness or accident, had to rediscover their personal and professional possibilities. I accompanied them in their recovery and made them ready for their return to the workplace. This included also the creation of new jobs for people with disabilities within companies or the setup for new business.

My passion is to guide you in finding step by step your own internal wisdom and make you discover your own uniqueness so you can shine and radiate in your own life.

I work with the following techniques:

  • Emotion/Body code
  • Family/business constellations
  • Body and mind techniques
  • DISC personality Systems
  • Zyto-compass to determine the support of essential oils

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Rescheduling and cancellation policy

Sessions can be cancelled or re-scheduled by giving 48 hours’ notice by email/text either to me or the Natural Clinic Reception.
If you fail to attend your consultation or cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice, then the full fee will be charged and no refund given (with the exception of emergency situations).


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