I have energy again.

I wanted to write a testimonial to explain how much leonard has helped me. I was doing my best with low energy, getting nowhere and not getting answers to the many questions I had about my fatigue. I work part time and have two children that were missing the old me and I was too. I hadn’t felt I had energy to really enjoy the work/family life for about 3 years and I had tried pretty much everything to get the pep back in my step.

A friend who had had thyroid problems (of which I was cleared after blood tests) said that Leonard worked with fatigue and I thought “well! I’ve tried everything else”. So I made an appointment to see Leonard just before he moved into his new clinic in Cork and filled out the big questionaire he sent and was expecting to be told to eat healthy and not much else.

I learned the reasons for my fatigue in the first session and also how I was going to recover. It never occurred to me that i would actually need to recover from the crisis my body had been in for years before I would feel better. Once I had done even the first week and a half of what leonard suggested I began to feel a reserve of energy building up.

I didn’t want it to leave so I kept up the foods and after the second session (in the fab new city pad) I was feeling almost myself again and can’t wait for the feeling to improve as I work away on making the, in fairness, easy recipes he gave me the recipes for.

If I knew it was that easy I would have gone to him years ago. I’m so happy with my progress and I have the tools now to make sure i never go back to how tired I was.

I can’t recommend Leonard enough. I’m have energy to enjoy my kids and even work again. Thanks Leonard,.

January 19, 2015