Uplifting facial reflexology

Catherine Clooney uses this powerful, natural therapy to combine lifting and wellness in a facial treatment. Working on acupressure points and reflexology zones to promote wellness within the body whilst lifting and sculpting facial muscles. Using a healing touch that is nurturing and transformative, encouraging an inner shifting that softens the face. You will notice a glowing complexion after the first treatment. Adding advanced lifting massage and the use of jade Gua Sha facial tools, results in a complementary therapy that can take years off the way you look. For the most effective results, I recommend the treatment programmes, these consist of six or twelve weeks of treatment and support, depending on your needs.
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Bergman Method
I have trained in two methods of Facial Reflexology, as I want to be able to offer my clients the most comprehensive therapy possible. Recently with Ziggie Bergman, who is one of the top Facial Reflexology practitioners and trainers in London. Prior to that, with Lone Sorensen from Denmark, who is an international trainer in her method of Facial Reflexology. She incorporates the Dien Chan Vietnamese method of Facial Reflexology into her training. Using my experience in these methods, I tailor make treatments for each individual client after assessing their wants and needs.
Catherine Clooney is available at The Natural Clinic, Cork City on Tuesdays and Wednesdays