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I have battled with my own mental & emotional wellbeing from a very young age. at times I felt worthless, lonely and beyond help, and so I know first hand how difficult it can be to reach out. I know how completely overwhelming it can feel to know that change needs to happen but not have a clue where to start with it and often not even want it to! That is where I step in. My aim is to help you navigate through the changes you wish to see in your life. I am here to support and guide you as you do.

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Wellness Coaching

I offer relaxation treatments to help ease mind and body while also providing a safe space to discuss and implement change in the areas of your life that are causing you the biggest stress, fear, worry or anxiety. Working predominantly with young adults (18 – 25 years) I see a huge need for support and encouragement as my clients work on navigating through life, often for the first time on their own. Learning how to become independent, how to make decisions with their own best interests at heart and learning to stand on their own two feet all the while knowing how to reach out when they need it. Ultimately I work on communication skills, self-worth, confidence and empowerment for all my clients, regardless of age.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to our well being which is why I offer a combined approach. I am a huge advocate for physical treatments such as massage that allow the body to de-stress and relax, I’ve worked for several years as a Complementary Health Therapist and have seen first hand the, often immediate benefits of hands-on treatments in treating stress and anxiety. For the last number of years, I have also seen how effective coaching can be in terms of implementing change and developing a deeper knowledge of ourselves. As a team (Coach & Client) we can begin working together to address the greatest stressors in your life and ways to implement healthier, more balanced and fulfilling changes.

My aim as a therapist is to help you identify and alleviate the effects of stress on your body by talking through your concerns, worries and fears in a constructive and sometimes challenging way, with a reality-based focus on gaining new insight and perspective. While relaxing treatments such as massage help the body to slow down and reduce the overproduction of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol which have detrimental effects on the body over a prolonged period of time.

Perhaps, largely in part due to my own personal journey, my focus with clients is on mental and emotional wellbeing. As such, I offer Wellness Coaching sessions and massage treatments with a focus on relaxation. You are welcome to pick just one or we can discuss a plan going forward for you where we can combine the two. Each session and treatment I do will always be customised to the needs of the client. If you’d like to book a free phone consultation or had some questions before beginning please drop me an email on:

October Winter Wellness Special Offer: €50

Indulge in a hot oil back & scalp massage for 45 minutes and boost your overall wellbeing for the Winter season ahead. Available to book for October 2018 only.

Wellness Coaching
Coaching helps to teach you tools and mechanisms to cope with the stressors and worries in your life. It recognises you as an expert of your own experiences and places you at the centre of the change you are seeking. Wellness Coaching, in particular, focuses on your overall well being; physically, mentally & emotionally and helps you to implement changes in the areas you feel will improve the quality of your life. My aim with Wellness Coaching is to help you combat the effects of stress, anxiety and worry on your life and learn, new and healthier ways to work through and overcome that which is holding you back in life.

Indian Head Massage
A calming and energising massage focusing on vital energy points of the upper body to increase circulation and relieve tension. This treatment concentrates on back, shoulders, neck, upper arms, scalp and face. It provides relief from muscle aches and pains and promotes a deep state of relaxation. Indian head massage is especially effective in relieving stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis to name just a few.

De-Stress Massage
Promoting an overall feeling of relaxation this treatment focuses on stimulating the soft tissue throughout the body to relieve tension, stress and aching muscles. As your treatment is tailored to your specific requirements it can effectively assist your body as it recovers from the stresses of every day life, even after your treatment has finished.

Treatments are 1 hour in duration: €70

Why I believe a combined approach is essential for wellness

In many cases, I believe that a combined approach is the most effective way to cope with stress and anxiety. I believe it is essential to give our bodies a break from the stressors and worries in our life through a physical relaxation therapy such as massage. When this is partnered with a talk therapy such as coaching it can have a significant and positive impact on your overall wellbeing in the long run.

In essence, the state of calm achieved in a relaxation treatment allows one to have a better chance of using coping skills that have been acquired in other therapies.

I also offer Combined Therapy Sessions which are a 90 minute treatment. This includes 1 Hour Wellness Coaching & 30 Minutes of your choice of Relaxation Therapy: €120

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