Indigestion Cork

Your digestive system is, in many respects, the foundation of your health. It is where you absorb nutrients from your food, it is where up to 85% of your immune system is controlled. It is where your body makes and stores up to 95% of your serotonin, and it’s home to a large part of your nervous system.

If you have digestive issues you may have other related side effects like fatigue, vitamin or mineral deficiencies. You may be more prone to physical discomfort, reflux, constipation, and have higher levels of inflammatory conditions like arthritis, eczema, IBS and IBD, asthma and thyroiditis.

Is eating healthy enough?

Being a healthy eater will help a lot, but more so when you’ve had a chance to get your digestive system back on track.¬†We need to initiate repair of your digestive system before food alone will work. To do this, we help you to:

  • Increase absorption of nutrients.
  • Calm your overactive immune response
  • Increase serotonin production and storage
  • Calm your digestive nervous system.

You should feel increased energy, better digestion of meals, less bloating, balanced bowel movements, less or no reflux and an increase of your sense of health and wellbeing.

You will also learn how to continue to take care of your digestive system for life.

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