Change is possible, especially with qualified and experienced help.

I’ve lost count of how many people online offer life changing programs every time I’m scrolling through social media. You must be seeing the same special offers. “just €60 euro and your whole life will change”….wow! Amazing…right? I love that people are looking to make a change, that we...
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Long Covid?

My own career started when I specialised in working with people with chronic fatigue by using nutrition to repair the energy making systems of the body so they would work optimally and make the necessary energy for healing and long term health. So, when I got drained and exhausted...
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What is coercive control?

Coercive control is a pattern of behaviours that enables someone to exert power over another person through fear and control. Coercive control is a form of domestic abuse or intimate partner violence. It describes a pattern of behaviours a perpetrator uses to gain control and power by eroding a...
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Space, the final frontier

I wonder if the modern interpretation of this is less about outer space and more about giving someone actual personal space. Could they change it to “boundaries, the final frontier”. I see boundaries as both a good and bad thing, they can sometimes be used as an excuse not...
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The age of knowledge.

We know so much about health these days but being healthy seems to be harder than ever. We have access to so much good food, there are busy gyms all over Cork city and the roads are full of cyclists and the footpaths full of people walking and running....
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I’m so busy!

My generation might have grown up in a time when being busy was a sign of success but is that still the case? Can we be less busy and successful? I think so and I believe it is the best kind of success. I wonder if it is a...
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