Fertility acupuncture & Nutrition are now recognized as the leading treatment for fertility. This is a gentle yet effective treatment that focuses on your individual fertility needs. It is specifically designed for enhancing fertility for both men and women.

A body in crisis has a hard time conceiving, that is what we have learned from years of seeing clients with fertility issues and why we believe Acupuncture & Nutrition are a way to help the body leave crises mode and enter it’s Natural healing mode where it can naturally conceive.

Working together in The Natural Clinic Hayley Power & Leonard Murphy can help to get your body and emotional balance to a state that is conducive to conception and pregnancy and beyond.

We allow the body to do the work, it already knows how to do that once it is in a more natural state of wellbeing.

Once you have conceived we have other practitioners who can help support you during pregnancy and childbirth, we have a childbirth specialist here for mother and father and also work with very young children through Kinesiology and Cranial Osteopathy.

We are Corks biggest Natural Clinic and together have decades of experience in helping people enhance their wellbeing.

At The Natural Clinic we work with you as you are now, so if you are visiting a fertility clinic or trying other methods we can adjust the programs to suit.

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