Living with Chronic Fatigue is life altering. Here is how we can support you.

Nutritional Therapy for CFS

Working with Chronic Fatigue means rebuilding and supporting the systems the body uses to make energy. Energy is created at a sub-cellular level, and we can positively effect change here through working with tried and tested methods.

We have worked with Chronic Fatigue clients exclusively for over three years and during that period, our chief Nutritional Therapist, Leonard Murphy, developed a system that is now used by all the Nutritional Therapists in the clinic. Read more here

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique was once described as, “the study of the conservation of energy of human beings”.  Andrew Monaghan teaches you how to approach fatigue from both a physical and mental perspective. In an Alexander Technique lesson, you learn how to move more economically, with less effort and strain.
In addition to physical exertion, mental and emotional turmoil can exhaust anyone. But those suffering from CF suffer doubly. Andrew can help you to spot common thinking patterns which may be adding to your fatigue and depleting your energy. For example, anticipating having to climb stairs and feeling exhausted at the thought of it.  

Alexander Technique is also shown to be highly beneficial for Fibromyalgia, which often coincides with CFS.  Read more here


Tony Galvin and Kate Kalin practice Kinesiology Therapy, a system of removing and unblocking any hindrance to the energy-making systems in the body. Read more here