IBS and Bowel Issues, Cork’s Natural Clinic

Bowel issues can come in many forms such as constipation, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), stomach ulcers, acid reflux (heartburn), stomach cramps, indigestion, bloated stomach, abdominal pain or stomach pain and bloating.

We work very closely with the digestive system as it is such an important part of being healthy. Our clients report being able to relax about their digestive system, increased energy and feeling better than ever in some cases.

Your digestive system is where we absorb nutrients into our blood from;
Where we balance our immune system,
Where we make and store up to 85% of our serotonin
And where a large part of our nervous system operates.

We suggest you book a Nutritional Therapist trained and experienced in working with your digestive system.

In many cases, once the initial therapists you visit know more about your health profile, they will suggest a plan of action that if suits you. This may involve other therapists, depending on the underlying factors outside of nutrition such as anxiety.

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Stress, anxiety and bowel issues

In our experience, Kinesiology can work well with Nutritional therapy for digestive issues. It can tackle stress and anxiety. General anxiety can be a source of stomach upset for many people. Coupled with this, the fear of having a digestive episode can lead to further stress and anxiety, causing an upset stomach and creating a vicious circle that needs to be broken before you can experience lasting change.

Please speak to us if you need more specific information. Please also remember that these suggestions are not a replacement for medicine or medicinal advice, please speak to your GP before you make any health related changes.

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CBT for Anxiety and Stress

CBT can help tremendously with IBS symptoms. This is because in some cases anxiety can be a factor in instigating or exacerbating symptoms. Also with IBS, it’s common for people to develop stress reactions about IBS, “What if I get symptoms while on the bus, or at a business meeting”, etc. CBT can help with managing and coping with the symptoms of IBS. For this reason it can be an excellent approach to use in conjunction with other treatments. Read more about CBT in Cork City Centre.