Nutritional Therapy for Arthritis

Imbalances in your immune system can be caused by inflammation in the digestive system (often caused by a particular food), infection, stress, some forms of medication. Rebalancing your immune reaction can reduce the pain and has done for many people who came to us specifically for pain relief from arthritis.

This process must start at your diet. What can be perceived as a “normal” or healthy diet is often not enough. To achieve the results you want, we have a specific plan to reduce the overproduction of antibodies, which can make a significant difference to the inflammation you feel as pain. All of our Nutritional Therapists are fully qualified and experienced in working with inflammation. To book an appointment click here


Osteopathy for Arthritis

Osteopathy can help ease arthritis through a broad range of gentle hands-on techniques including soft tissue stretching, deep tactile pressure, visceral and cranial techniques, mobilisation or manipulation of joints. Book here.

Arthritis and the Alexander Technique

A 2016 Peer-reviewed BioMed study found the Alexander Technique to be highly effective at combatting Osteoarthritis with an average 56% pain reduction. (ref: 10.1186/s12891-016-1209-2).

From a physical point of view, pain can be caused by excess pressure and ‘wear and tear’ in the joints. This can be caused by excess muscle tension in your body caused by being out of balance. Imbalances in your muscle system and joints can indirectly lead to, or worsen, arthritis and excessive inflammation. When we’re physically out of balance, muscles are forced to tense and strain putting pressure on joints. If the body’s signals are ignored for long periods of time, it can lead to ‘wear and tear’, and pain.

Andrew Monaghan Uses the Alexander Technique to teach you how to move without tension, so you can reduce the strain and ease pressure off painful joints. Changing how you move can reduce pain and can also prevent the problem from worsening over time. A recent clinical trial has shown that a series of Alexander Technique sessions can drastically reduce osteoarthritis pain. Book a session here.