Depression Cork

Living with depression can drain the colour out of life. Here are some ways we can help.

Psychotherapy, Counselling and CBT

Caroline Crotty has years of experience and combines psychotherapy,  counselling and/or CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)  to help you overcome major issues in your life. We have too many success stories to mention. You can book with Caroline here.

Alvina Grosu works using an integrated model of psychotherapy. One of the aims within the integrative approach is to develop insight into the true nature of one’s problems and follow your needs. With genuine insight, some people experience a release of emotional tension. 

Yasmine Krid is a psychotherapist and counsellor inspired by integrative, social, cross-cultural, behavioural and positive psychology.  Yasmine also speaks fluent French and Arabic.


Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy can tackle depression in the following ways:

1. Up to 95% of a body’s Serotonin is produced and stored in the digestive tract. Nutritional Therapy ensures that this is happening optimally.

2. Hormone balance can be achieved using specific foods, thereby improving mood.

3. The large system of nerves in the digestive tract is sensitive and can greatly influence our central nervous system.

4. A deficiency in certain nutrients can be a causative factor in depression.

You can book a Nutritional Therapy appointment here.


Support and Positive Change Therapy

With Michelle Hardwick, we have witnessed amazing transformations for people with depression.

Her therapy is affirming and positive and is based on her years of experience in helping people work through depression, stress and anxiety. There is a mix here of a gentle form of hypnosis and/or EFT and/or CBT with Michelle’s own style and intuition added to make it a life-changing experience for some. You can book with Michelle here.