The Natural Clinic

Working with an established team of well respected therapists is good for your practice and being part of a network of like-minded people is good for you.

As therapists we all love to work with clients but the daily grind of running a practice can take time and energy from that. Many therapist report that as a reason they are not as busy and are not enjoying their practice as much as they’d like.

When you move your practice to our clinic you get to focus on using your skills to help your clients while our busy website, online simple booking system, specialized social media expert, automatic texts and emails ensures your practice runs smoothly. The clinic’s calming and professional setting puts your clients at ease and ensures them that they are in the right place to get the help they need.

The clinic came together in 2014 to help people in Cork find the help they need in a vibrant, visible central location. Therapists appreciate the setting, being in the city, the feedback from their clients as well as how the clinic can simplify their practice and increase visibility as part of the existing reputations of some of Corks best and brightest.

If that sounds like something you’d like to know more about then get in touch with us here.

Attract more of the right clients

  • Located in a vibrant city center location
  • We provide a professional quiet waiting room area
  • Each room in the old firehouse is warmly but professionally decorated
  • The existing team is a ready made network and they bring their knowledge, reputation and experience to the clinic
  • Our busy website can help increase visibility online
  • Our social media expert can take care of media and posting about you
  • Online booking is easy.
  • We work together when a client needs more than one approach.

We know it isn’t easy to run a practice, find clients, pay the bills and make a difference to people’s health — all while trying not to compromise your own. Working on your own can be tough. It’s one of the reasons people love working here, you get to do what you do but with like minded therapists that are doing that too. We have some amazing conversations in the kitchen or in reception and with 6 tranquil therapy rooms over 3 floors kept busy with clients it makes the experience of being a therapist at the clinic feel more energized, inclusive, enjoyable and synergistic to your practice ideals.

Having your practice at the clinic means you have 1 bill, there are no hidden costs. Your fee covers your electricity, heating, website costs, booking system, business cards and what you’d spend on advertising, social media and and getting your name out there are all negated by being at the clinic. And that is besides the lovely building, location, your room, the waiting room the automatic emails and text reminders and being part of a visible and established team. It sounds expensive but there is strength in numbers so the cost to you is very affordable.

More Than Therapy Rooms

The Natural Clinic is for those who are not merely looking to rent a room but are intent on being amazing therapists, putting the client’s wellbeing first. We’d love to hear from you. Having your practice at the Natural Clinic may be just what you need to take it to the next level and to enjoy it even more.

Research has shown huge rates of growth in complimentary therapies over the next 4 years and beyond. If now is not the time to think about growing your business then when?

‘I joined the Natural Clinic in September 2023 and it has been really great for my business, allowing me to quickly establish a psychotherapy practice after moving back to Cork from abroad. The space is lovely, there is a great atmosphere and it is very conveniently located. I really enjoy coming to work here and can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone looking to establish a therapy practice in a clinic with a holistic ethos and friendly co-workers.’

Róisín Tangney, Jungian Analyst and Psychotherapist

MA, MPhil, Heilpraktikerin for Psychotherapy, Dipl. Psychoanalyst (CGJI-Zürich)

“Working in The Natural Clinic has been a huge advantage for me personally and professionally. As a small business owner it can feel like you’re on your own but with the Clinic, there is a real team atmosphere. My clients really appreciate the calm and relaxing surroundings of the Clinic. The location is easy to get to and there is plenty of parking. My clients and I also like that there are a wide range of complementary treatments in the Clinic. So if my clients could benefit from massage or acupuncture or CBT etc that can help them, I can refer them to someone I trust”.

Claire O’Brien – Nutritional Therapist.

The best move I ever made was deciding to work at the The Natural Clinic, I haven’t looked back since, Thanks to Leonard and all the team that I can have a chat with as I go about my day. – Helen Bohan, Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Therapy.