RSI is a common issue that can affect people in all types of settings. Whether from sports, working at an office, running, or even sitting,


Alexander Technique for RSI

Repetitive Strain Injuries result from straining the same part of your body over and over again. This causes tension, inflammation, tissue damage and pain.  The Alexander Technique helps you to relieve pain by releasing muscle tension and retraining your movements.

By identifying the movements and behaviours that cause the strain and learning to move more naturally, the strain ceases and you can move pain-free in all areas of your life. It is for this reason that the Alexander Technique is provided in conservatories and actings schools like Juliard and the Royal Convervatory, where performers and individuals rely on having a pain-free body in order to have a career. Read more here



RSI injuries can respond very well to osteopathy. Osteopathy helps you to rebalance your musculoskeletal system. Using soft tissue stretching, joint mobilisation and specific exercises. A treatment plan to reduce pain and aide recovery can also be devised. Read more here