We are currently not able to offer osteopathy but can offer medical massage which can help with injury, pain, imbalances and other physical issues.

In case you feel any sort of pain during your daily life, you’ve probably landed on the right page.

My name is Zilber, and for the past few years I’ve been working with my clients on bringing them back from their injury to their daily life as pain-free as possible.


Contact Zilber via mobile on 089 234 1211 or via Email on admin@zilbers-way.com

My journey with injuries and pain rehabilitation began as a gym trainer. As any trainer, I’ve built a lot of training programs and regimes for the different clients passing through the gym’s gate. I was always fascinated by the injury related programs, could have been an old disc, a surgical interference or just certain motions that were too painful to perform. It took creativity and diving into the anatomical restrictions of those clients in order to help them achieve their goal.

At a certain point I’ve understood that it would take more than just a trainer’s view to get some of the clients up and well, and so I’ve went on to expend my knowledge from a therapeutic point of view, and learned the field of Medical Massage Therapy, dwelled into some osteopathic techniques along with therapy specified for athletes.

In our sessions I would use tools from both the physical training and the manual therapy worlds in order to supply you with the best treatment possible for you. No case is like another, and so we would look on different aspects of what might be causing the pain or restriction you are feeling. It is important to remember, it is not magic, some sessions might be more successful than others, but every change in your feeling, for better or worse, is an indication of progress, and without progress, we cannot achieve change.

Medical Massage in Cork

Here’s but a taste of some of the issues we can address together:

– Migraines / headaches
– Vertigo
– Frozen Shoulder
– Neck movement restrictions
– Numbing of limbs
– Whiplash
– Carpal related issues
– Tennis and Golfer elbow
– Lower Back Pain
– Hip replacement
– Sprained ankle
– Knee pain
– Sciatica
– Plantar Fasciitis
– And more!

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