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Fertility problems affect about 16% of couples worldwide. According to studies, roughly 33% of cases are influenced by factors relating to women’s health, 33% to men’s health and the remaining 33% is down to various, unknown factors.

Fertility issues are stressful and worrying.  It can cause deep frustration and disappointment and leave people asking, “What if there’s something wrong with me?” The pressure put on by family (with the best of intentions), seeing friends and others have children when you can’t… All of this can leave you feeling as if you’re a failure. But your condition does not define you, and you are not the problem that you suffer from.

Acupuncture For Fertility

From the perspective of acupuncture, fertility is the result of good overall health and organ balance. When you come for a session, we will aim to diagnose and repair dysfunctions in specific organs.

By boosting and promoting your health, we will tackle various issues. Including:

Non-ovulatory cycles
Low sperm count or movement
Inverted uterus
Fallopian tube blockage
Hormonal related issues
And more…

All of these are conditions that have their cause related to organ imbalance. Treating this issue will allow the couple to start having babies.

Acupuncture & Fertility

The so-called “feminine issues” have been studied by Chinese medicine for decades. More recently, China examined the issues women suffer from. Starting from late menstruation, pain related to it (abdominal cramps, breast tenderness), long or short menstrual cycles, mood swings, cravings, inability to conceive, abnormal fetal position, milk production problems… All of these questions can be addressed using acupuncture and Chinese medicine. This also means that they might have to change some old habits that they thought might be innocuous.

In Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), there’s more than one way of treating an issue. The more you know, the more you can help. Some techniques are great for some conditions but they don’t work so well in others. I’ve spent years learning specific techniques to help my clients in as many ways as possible. I’ve learned to see people as a whole.  One organ imbalance leads to a series of related symptoms that can be treated.

 What happens during the session?

During your acupuncture sessions, it’s very common to fall asleep. Many of my clients report improvement in problems that they never anticipated or even thought to bring up in the consultation.  As you progress, I will help you with weekly monitoring. I am wholly dedicated to helping you get to the root of the problem and, of course, solving it. During the acupuncture treatment, I’ll be inserting thin needles into very specific areas of your body in order to produce a positive change on the body. Roughly 33% of the factors that can cause fertility issues are traceable to anything that appears in scans. Much of this can be due to emotional blockages. As we release these blockages, the body rebalances itself and you will notice an improvement in your physical and emotional wellbeing. 

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