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To arrange a room viewing, please contact Leonard on 021 4311 977 



If you’re looking for a professional, friendly and attractive space in which to grow your business, the Natural Clinic is for you. With a positive reputation in the community, we offer a professional face to alternative therapies. We can help you leave a good impression on your clients, help you boost your online presence, and help you manage clients and bookings. 

Who are our Therapy Rooms suitable for?

The Natural Clinic is best-suited to those who already have a therapeutic practice or those who have a clear plan for increasing their client list.  This does not mean people just starting out aren’t suited. If you have difficulty with online promotion, we can assist with this — in some cases helping to boost your visibility significantly. 

It’s possible to rent a room here on a monthly basis, starting with the room to yourself for one day per week. For those with a pre- existing practice, it may be possible to have multiple days. The best thing to do is arrange to speak with Leonard for further details on rooms available, rates, and benefits to you and your business.

Do we offer room rental on an hourly basis?
Please note that we usually do not rent therapy rooms on an hourly basis. We have found that this model is useful for therapists starting out or with a few hours, but while it’s suitable for the therapist, such a setup can often result in a poor quality of experience for both clients and therapists alike. 
However, if you would like to discuss your own case, you can do so using the number below. We may be able to offer some advice or suggestions for you. 

What is included with rental of the therapy rooms?
The best way to find out is to stop by! But aside from pleasant and comfortable decor in a central location, we have a booking system for your clients, we will work on optimising your personal therapy page so that you are as visible as possible, and we also provide a reception area for clients within the hours of 10-6pm Monday to Friday (not including lunch hours, staff meetings, etc.)

Where in Cork is the clinic located?
We are on 23 Sullivan’s Quay, nested right between the Quay Co-Op’s Café, shop and restaurant. The Natural Clinic is a separate company to the Quay Co-Op, however, we have a good relationship with the Quay Co-Op and naturally have excellent exposure to their clientele. 

  • Central location

  • Waiting Room & Reception

  • Beautiful interior design

  • Online and phone booking

  • Network with Therapists

  • Increase Online Presence


The Natural Clinic is best suited to therapists who already have an existing practice and wish to step it up a level. But we are always interested in speaking with you. Moving your practice at the Natural Clinic may be just what you need.

To arrange a viewing please contact Leonard on 021 4311 977