Mindfulness At Work: A Workplace Wellbeing Programme

Finding peace within…Finding peace at work

In recent decades, public interest in mindfulness and meditation has soared, although the practice is centuries-old. Nowadays there is no need to completely disconnect from life or travel to a remote part of the world to enjoy it.

Many of the world’s biggest organisations already offer mindfulness and meditation: GlaxoSmithKline, KPMG, Sachs, Google, Apple, LinkedIn, Twitter, Nike, Aetna, Beiersdorf, Bosch, General Mills, Goldman Sachs, Intel, Royal Dutch Shell, SAP, Target, as well as the UK’s Parliament, US Army and US House of Representatives.

Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness is the essential key to living a conscious life. In its’ simplest form, mindfulness is a way of being 100% aware. Mindfulness can be achieved through a meditation practise that enables the mind to be completely focused on the present moment. The more awareness and self-awareness, the more happiness, wellbeing and enjoyment can be experienced. Mindfulness ensures individuals live life to the full.


There are countless forms of meditation. All of them use the breath to concentrate and focus the mind. This practice brings individuals away from their heads and thoughts. Meditation helps to pause the race of life to come back to each moment of each day.

“When we pause we free up valuable disk space
in our human operating system.”

Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation are well documented and widely supported by clinical research. Recently, Harvard scientists found that meditation conclusively and positively changes the brain structure, causing people to change the way they react to everything and enabling them to rely more on executive functioning rather than impulses. There are many improvements in work-related outcomes including wellbeing, resilience, interpersonal relationships, creativity and performance.

In an organization, mindfulness and meditation can help:

  • reduce sick days
  • cut workplace stress or master peak-levels of stress
  • increase trust in leadership
  • enhance focus on the task at hand
  • boost employee engagement, self-esteem, productivity and focus
  • ensure individuals reflect effectively and quickly recharge

Recent research has also shown the percentage of stress-related absence in the workplace has doubled rising from 5% in 2017 to 10% in 2018.

Workplace Wellbeing Programmes

We support companies in creating work environments where employees can thrive both in the office and in their personal lives. Regular wellbeing programmes create healthy, happy employees and builds morale. We provide a variety of tailored corporate wellbeing group programmes, seminars/workshops and retreats to meet individual and corporate needs. These experiences can be carried out onsite or at a venue, at convenient times to suit individuals and the organisation.

Our current Workplace Wellbeing programmes include:

  • Intro to Mindfulness and Meditation (1-2 hours)
  • Comprehensive Mindfulness and Meditation Courses (one hour/week for 6-8 weeks)
  • Regular Group Mindfulness Meditation Sessions (1 hour per week/fortnight)
  • Full or Half-Day Wellness Retreat
  • Corporate Mindfulness and Meditation Weekend Retreats (or longer, as required)
  • Bespoke Workshops on a variety of topics which include meditation, relaxation and mindfulness experiences (length of time and content tailored to suit your requirements)

As part of our on-going commitment to help and support our clients, our meditation experiences are recorded and emailed as an MP3 link. The practice of meditation can then be continued regularly at home or in the office. Regular practice helps access an inner tranquillity and peacefulness.

Mindfulness Tuition for Individuals

We also facilitate individual mindfulness tuition to CEOs, directors, partners and employees in high stress roles, essentially any who prefers their own private consultation(s). Many individuals report back to us saying they benefit enormously from the calming, sleep-enhancing and brain-boosting effects of these sessions. These experiences can be carried out onsite or at a venue, at convenient times to suit.


“I found the whole experience extremely powerful and fascinating”

“I love the meditations, they resonated really well with me”

“Michelle made it very approachable and interesting”


Michelle A. Hardwick has extensive experience in the mind, body, spirit and emotional healing field. For almost two decades, Michelle has offered insights and potent tools to individuals and groups around the world – from Cork to China, New Zealand and many, many countries in between.

She has helped countless clients from all walks of life make fundamental changes in their life. Michelle’s clients confirm time and again that she is a gifted, empathetic practitioner who works in a supportive and co-creative way using humour and sensitivity to create a safe, unique experience.

Michelle is the founder of Release…Peace, an organisation that facilitates weekend experiences to assist growth and personal development. Release…Peace also hosts life-changing 8-night experiences in a variety of locations around the world.

Michelle and she provides fortnightly mindfulness and meditation training to staff in multinational companies in Cork. Michelle also works with the Maryborough Hotel & Spa facilitating weekly meditation and mindfulness classes.

To discuss Workplace Wellbeing with Michelle, please call The Natural Clinic on 021-4311977. Or contact Michelle on 087-1492338.