We have a team of highly trained and experienced physical practitioners to take care of the physical aspect of your illness or condition. We work together to help your body to recover, heal or become healthy. As part of a program, a health package or as individual sessions these therapists can help change your body for good, natuarally.


Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine that is focused on the muscle skeletal system.

It is a hands-on, holistic, full body approach to healthcare that helps to alleviate a long list of conditions.


Osteopathy has gained a reputation for helping people of all ages and many conditions. In The Natural Clinic we use Osteopathy to help to promote self healing. Therefore it can be useful for many conditions that are not specifically pain or muscle ache. Osteopaths can provide one-off relief from pain and dysfunction or help you to manage any long-term (chronic) complaints. This treatment is safe and effective for Babies, toddler’s adults and the elderly.

Osteopathy is a “hands on” form of treatment that involves specific techniques from massage of muscle to the manipulation of joints that works with your body. A consultation will last up to an hour and involves a detailed case history to make sure that you are safe to treat and that osteopathy would be of benefit to you and your specific condition. After a physical examination followed by your treatment and a treatment plan is suggested.

Most osteopathic techniques can be performed safely and comfortably in your clothes. Osteopathic treatment is not painful and is often very relaxing and energising. Following your osteopathic treatment, it can sometimes be normal to have some transient discomfort (lasting 1-2 days), this is just your body naturally adapting to the changes the osteopath has made and is part of a rebalancing of your system.

Patients often report an improvement in other areas of their health, not just the original health issue like fatigue, stress, mood, headaches, digestion and more.

Paulo Farinha General Manipulative Therapy Treatment & Sacral Therapy Cork

Paulo has an Honours Degree in Kinesiology from York University, and a certificate in sports massage, orthopedic therapy & manipulation therapy. He is currently completing a degree in Osteopathy.

Alongside his formal education, he is also a lifelong athlete and coach in Capoeira.

His athletic experience has given him a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind injuries, the athlete’s mindset, and the understanding of wanting to get back to training. He has deep, practical knowledge in Martial Arts, acrobatics/gymnastics, and dance.”

What do we do?

We try to take away whatever barriers your body might be facing in order to let it heal itself. We try to figure out what the root cause of the pain maybe, and if it’s within the scope of practice, and deal with the surrounding tissues to let your own systems deal with the pain or injury.

We often deal with a variety of things including: Back pain, Acute & Chronic Injuries, Athletic Injuries, Pregnancy & Babies

Paulo Farinha

Paulo Farinha

General Manipulative Therapy Treatment & Sacral Therapy