Can Natural Health-care help with Mental Health?


It is amazing how many people think they have no choice but to live with depression, to carry on as if they don’t feel this weight on their shoulders.

Life can be put on hold for many people with depression, where they miss out on part of living life, that others take for granted. Our clients report that when they are  in a depressed state, everything is viewed through a fog that takes the colour out of life.

Many people now acknowledge the strong connection between body and mind and this how some of our therapies work and why they are so successful for depression. Other therapies we use are more directly connected to your emotional state and your thought patterns. We can access which one we think is best for you if you like. We always have you work with your GP when it comes to medicines or medical treatments so it can be very complimentary to what you are doing now too.

When our therapists work with depression it can be through learning how to feed the brain, balancing hormones, alter thought patterns or to help remove tension or trauma from the body.

We have, collectively, all worked with many clients who came out of the fog. We use natural, non-invasive, supportive therapies to allow the body and mind to return to its natural balance and we witness amazing changes that the patient never thought was possible.

Life can be amazing and we would love to help you to see this for yourself with our tried and tested help.

We have plenty of testimonials that talk about feeling better, happier, calmer, better moods, more hormone balance etc,.but have changed the names as confidentiality is important to us here.

“I’m surprised actually, I feel better and it was easier than I expected. Thank you” Mary

“I’m so glad I found this place, it’s been a great journey but I think I’m nearly there now”. Tom.

“You’ve changed me, I can’t thank you enough”, Anne.

“I visited The Natural Clinic in October and have had 3 sessions so far, I can hardly believe it but I feel better. I can’t remember the last time I could enjoy myself without the heavy feeling I had for years before I contacted the clinic. The real reasons I felt so low were so simple and over time I just started to feel better and better for longer periods and now have a totally different outlook” Joan.

Let our team of experts help you to turn the colour up to full so you can live a healthier and happier life.










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