Chiropractic is a complementary practice used in the treatment of various musculoskeletal issues. During a visit with a chiropractor, you will feel reduced pain and improced mechanical function. We do not currently have a practising chiropractor. If you are looking for treatment, we can recommend an Osteopath or a physio.

Are you a Chiropractor in Cork?
We are seeking a chiropractor to join our team. Please Contact The Natural Clinic Reception on 021 4311 977

Chiropractor in Cork

What is a Chiropractor?

Chiropractic is about gentle manipulation of the spine in order to promote better health and functioning. As a chiropractor, my focus is on the diagnosis and the treatment of various issues. Chiropractic treatment can relieve strain, pain and tension. Through subtle hands-on techniques, you will feel increased energy, better mobility, and reduced pain.  



Chiropractic will benefit those…

• Who feel their spine or their body is misaligned
• Who experience back, neck, or shoulder pain
• Who have issues with a herniated disc
• Who suffer from migraine headaches
• Who experience sciatica 
• Who are interested in maintaining excellent spinal health

What are ‘Adjustments’ in Chiropractic?

When you see a chiropractor, you will have your functioning examined. Following this, you will receive one or more gentle ‘adjustments’. These involve placing you in certain positions to allow the spine to gently de-compress, releasing built-up tensions and imbalances.  Depending on the technique used – and depending on whether or not you want it to happen – you may hear gentle ‘popping’ noises. These are not dangerous, or harmful. They are the sound of releases happening in your body.


My Fees

A Chiropractic treatment is €70. This session will involve assessing your spinal health as well as providing treatment. We will also assess what kind of follow-up treatment you may need if this is the case.