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The Natural Clinic Therapists

Here at The Natural Clinic we have assembled a team of highly trained, experienced practitioners to work together to support you and your body as it heals itself, as it has been trying to do, naturally.

Our team of therapists are experts in their fields and work together to help your body to heal itself naturally using a ‘work with the body’ approach.

We know bodies have an innate ability to heal themselves if given the opportunity.

We give it just that and more. That is why we have helped so many people in Cork and beyond already.

Whether you need dietary changes, a physical therapy like osteopathy, acupuncture, reflexology, massage or emotional/counselling therapies like psychotherapy or counselling, emotional support practitioners or kinesiology  we have the practitioner.

If you are unwell and don’t know which of our many therapies is right for you then please contact us and we will confidentially talk you through some options.

Get in touch, book an appointment through reception or our online booking system and go for it; you’ll be glad you started now.