We get a lot of requests for Colonic Irrigation or Colonic Therapy so we’ve put this page up to highlight some options.

As it seems almost impossible to find a Colonic Therapist in Cork we have some alternatives we’ve seen have a similar effect.

The body knows how to do so much so we work to enhance it’s natural ability to rid the colon and digestive tract of built up toxins safely and without effecting the bodies delicate microbiome.

Nutritional Therapy focuses on using foods and some supplementation to help the body work a little harder in the colon cleansing department for long enough for it to have a positive effect and leave you feeling clean, re-energized and healthier. Because you are going to be working with a qualified and experienced Nutritional Therapist you can benefit from having someone help you to eat the right foods to keep you healthier and feeling good for longer.

If this sounds good to you you can get in touch with our Nutritional Therapist Claire O’Brien via this link or check her diary there for available appointments. Today could be the start of a healthier you.