In line with government guidelines, when making this booking you are accepting that your contact details and the details of your visit may be used if necessary, strictly in relation to Contact Tracing or other COVID-19 related issue.

If you do not accept this – then please contact the clinic via email prior to making the booking. Email. 

By continuing with this booking, you are also confirming that you understand the following and will not attend should your personal situation change between the making of this booking and the planned visit date/time.

You understand that you should not attend if any of the following apply to you:

  • have any symptoms of coronavirus
  • have been told by contact tracers that you are a close contact
  • have recently travelled and should be self-isolating.

When you attending the facility we would ask you to follow the current Government “Stay Safe” Guidelines:

Know the symptoms. If you have them self-isolate and contact your GP immediately

  • Wash/Clean your hands for at least 20 seconds when you arrive/leave
  • Try not to share anything like bottles or food
  • Try to Stay 2m away from others
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Pay special attention to nervous/vulnerable people
  • Practice good cough /sneeze hygiene. Use your elbow or a tissue
  • Try to give others space
  • Try to avoid touching surfaces where possible

If you have any concerns or queries before your visit please contact us via email. Email. 

Thank you & Enjoy Your Visit,

The Natural Clinic team.

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