The team at the clinic are delighted to collaborate with Edward Finn and his team at One Arena in Cork. Understanding that movement and exercise can make a significant difference to your health and wellbeing is at the core of our wholistic approach to health.

We specifically chose One Arena because it’s a unique experience in physical health, every time you visit you get very close attention and work with experts in a one to one or very small group setting so your workout is safe, effective and enjoyable.

This is the best approach to help people who need support to make changes to their overall health. We only work with the best so you are in safe hands.




A little bit about Edward

I am the proud owner of One Arena and One Arena Wellness LTD.

One Arena was set up in 2016, looking to give more to my clients than just results from their training and diet, I wanted to create an environment and atmosphere where people would thrive.

One Arena is a facility full of energy, enthusiasm, and achievement. We focus on health and structural balance first. This is an integral part of our culture. People are our passion and our personal service is the backbone of the business.

We officially launched One Arena Wellness in 2020. What started with running fitness classes for local companies in 2016, quickly grew over the years.

As we began to work with more companies, we saw the need to provide a lot more than just fitness classes. We started proving support and guidance through workshops and seminars. One Arena Wellness now delivers wellbeing programs to some of the biggest companies in Ireland, with a compressive range of wellbeing programs.

We are passionate about teaching, coaching, and helping to make an impact on people’s lives. One Arena and One Arena Wellness are consistently striving to innovate and improve in every way possible. I am as excited about the future of the health and fitness industry now as I was when I started eight years ago.

It’s all about you

Your journey begins with an in-depth fitness, lifestyle and nutritional assessment, followed by a movement and functional strength analysis. From this a brand-new custom made, detailed program is designed for you as a client, every exercise is broken down to ensure you have the confidence to maximize your results.

Each client receives two apps on joining- one for nutrition and the other for training, these are to ensure you effectively manage and measure each aspect of your health and performance while training with us.

We offer personal training plans as one-on-one sessions or in small groups. Each PT membership comes with access to all of our classes, monthly challenges, the online support hub and our library of training and nutrition plans- Join the movement at One Arena and achieve your goals!


We offer all our clients a full health consultation on admission to our gym.

Our In-body 270 body composition analyzer provides a compressive range of tests for males and females relating to risk of health, bones, muscles and general health. Here is a list of what our In-Body machine can carry out:

-Body Composition Analysis

-Muscle / Fat Analysis

-Obesity Analysis

-Segmental Lean Analysis

-Segmental Fat Analysis

-Body Composition History