Our bodies are amazing and complicated. Many environmental factors can affect one person that may not affect another. A hugely important aspect of fertility is dependent on you current level of emotional and physical wellbeing, including how balanced your hormones are.

If your body is in a state of alert from stress, or your cells are trying to deal with a build up of cellular toxins, or your immune system is working against you, or there are too many xenoestrogens (ingested or absorbed hormone disruptors) in your life, then your body may be less likely to conceive.

Successful fertility treatments at The Natural Clinic involve helping your body and mind to become a safe and healthy place for fertility to occur.

We start with a visit to a Nutritional Therapist where we teach you how to eat the right foods that fill your body with nutrients, some of which are specific to fertility.

Your Nutritional Therapists will provide a simple and effective strategy designed to balance your body’s innate hormonal system. We can also work closely with your medical fertility system to further increase the potential for fertility.