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Take control of your health in a positive way.

Our health is influenced by many factors including our age, lifestyle, family history and diet. These Health Tests will help you if there are risks that might be affecting their health and provide diet and lifestyle advice.

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Tests Available:

Essential Health Check

Provides results for a total of 19 health markers including: Cholesterol, Vitamin D & B12, Folate, Iron Deficiency, Liver Function.

Menopause Test

Do you think you might be approaching the menopause? Are you suffering from symptoms such as hot flushes, anxiety, night sweats, poor sleep and low energy?

Diabetes Test

Find out whether you’re at risk of developing diabetes. Test for HbA1c levels, a reliable risk indicator of developing pre-diabetes and diabetes.

Thyroid Test

Do you suffer from symptoms such as low energy, unexplained weight gain or loss, changes in mood, dry skin, or muscle aches?

Stress (Cortisol) Test

Check your level of cortisol, your stress hormone, with this simple test. Identify whether your stress hormone levels could be impacting your life, your immunity and your health.

Inflammation (CRP) Test

Identify risk of damage or deterioration in your body that you may not be aware of. Risk marker for heart disease, stroke, chronic conditions and infections.

Health Tests

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