Freedom from fatigue comes with specific and targeted therapy.

Working with Chronic Fatigue Clients in Cork exclusively with nutritional protocols taught me a lot about the human body.

I was drawn to it because I saw such a transformation in people when we even started working together that I relished watching. It gave me such energy to watch them get the energy they had been missing.

What I learned from thousands of these transformations was that Chronic Fatigue is a symptom of a breakdown in the energy making systems of the body. When I got those systems working optimally again, which is often easier than it sounds, the body is then free to do what it is designed to do, make energy. The real, balanced energy that is a foundation for human health and well-being. The same is true for adrenal fatigue (although this is worked with slightly differently), and some types of fibromyalgia.

So, after about 4 years of that I started The Natural Clinic because I saw people who had other issues besides chronic fatigue often needed the help of a another qualified and experienced practitioner, the support of someone besides me and my specific Chronic Fatigue Nutritional system. When someone uses supportive therapies together they have a better chance of staying healthy and feeling good for longer.

Now, 3 years later we are a team of over 20 Therapists working together to support the health of people who need and deserve their practitioners to really look at their health as an individual and to work with them to improve their chances of recovery and sustainable good health.

There is often work to be done and it is not usually without effort on the part of the client but from what I see it is very manageable and so very worth it.

Chronic Fatigue can be a debilitating condition but it is not a life sentence, it is just one or more systems of the body that need help, I give your body that support.

Getting anything done is a series of steps, taking the first one is the best way to get to where you want to be.

Leonard is fully booked for the foreseeable future & recommends choosing from the 2 nutritional Therapists that work with Leonard in The Natural Clinic and who are fully versed on the Nutritional system that has seen thousands of people transform their energy making systems. Carol Daly and Jorien Verstraten.

The system I designed specifically for Chronic Fatigue is simple because it had to be.

We start at the first hour long appointment by asking questions and then between you and I figuring out that we are on the right track. I’ll then start to explain what may be happening in your body, while all the time checking that you understand and can confirm that what we say matches what you have been feeling.

Then we start to explain the initial system we work with and how it can effect your energy levels. Within the first consultation we are starting you on a pathway to not only understanding what went wrong but what you can do about it immediately. We talk you through the initial steps we suggest and check that you are happy to take those steps and that you know how each step works.

3 weeks later we meet again. That is 21 days, time for you and your body to adjust. You have been adding transformative foods to your diet and are starting to feel the effects and benefits.

At this appointment we asses what is working and what we need to adapt. We also move forward to a more balanced and specific approach while explaining all the while what we are doing now and why. You again have some simple changes to make at home but are armed with all the knowledge you need to make it easier.

We meet again in three weeks.

By now you are the real results of adding and adapting foods and how you use them in your diet. We assess again and adapt while we are also moving onto the final and very specific cellular phase. This sets you up for a transformation in every cell of your body and that includes where energy is made, the mitochondria. This is often the final appointment but support can be needed as you proceed so we can meet in 3-4 month intervals as necessary until you are sure you don’t need me.

If I see that another therapy is needed I will not hesitate to explain why and how to proceed, this is done to support what we are doing and is never done unless I see and you agree that it would be beneficial.

My Story

About 10 years ago a family member discovered she had a rare condition.

I bought her a random book on Nutritional medicine because I could see how helpless she felt. It changed her life and started her on a road to 100% recovery that inspired me to learn more. After reading just about every book on the subject I decided I wanted to do a seriously scientific course and began what was to be a very tough 3-year Nutritional Therapy diploma course that gave me the ability to work with the systems of the body and effect real change on a cellular level using food therapeutically.

I was lucky enough to work specifically with Chronic Fatigue for 4 years. During those years I saw that when I worked with other therapists at the same time people transformed more easily and sustainably.

That was what inspired me to aim high and open The Natural Clinic in November 2014. I listened out for therapists that people were speaking highly about and contacted them to see if they were interested in the concept of working as part of a team to help more people. As of now, we are heading towards 25 professional and passionate therapists in differing fields of supportive and Complimentary therapy.

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The Nutritional Therapy team at The Natural Clinic:

Leonard works with a team of Nutritional Therapists very closely. You can read about them or book them here.

Nutrition is a major part of the foundation that you're health is built on. The Connection between your health and your diet is no longer in doubt, we know environmental factors like the foods you consume can have a negative or positive effect on your health.
Working with so many fatigue clients for over 5 years has taught us that food can be used therapeutically to re-balance or restart the body's systems of making energy that are struggling to function.
It takes time for a body to restart some of its systems and for it to naturally adapt so over 3 visits, each 3 weeks apart we will show you how to work with the natural systems of your body and get it working with you.
Your body wants to be healthy, it just needs a helping hand and is waiting for the opportunity to heal. Let's work with it, naturally.

Where you see symptoms I see systems of the body not functioning. Sometimes just switching to a healthy diet won’t do it. You could need specific foods to help with the system that is not functioning well, causing your symptoms.

Skip the misinformation and get a program of eating that is totally specific to what you need your body to do. Your body is amazing, just help it a little and it will reward you with good health and even repair itself.

I can tell you what is wrong, explain why you are ill and tell you what I think you should do about it and how. I’ve been doing it for a long time with lots of average to serious conditions.

Helping the body to heal itself with food is the best medicine.

Condition specific eating is a new science and since it’s conception in my previous clinic it has become the go to therapy for people who are unhealthy or unwell and want to try a natural option that is safe, effective and complementary to what they are currently doing.

My decision to open a large multi-discipline on Sullivans quay came about through knowing what works and giving it to the client.

I’m delighted to be the originator of that type of therapy and to work with other experts to offer the people of cork a natural choice when it comes to health.

Contact the clinic on 0214311977 or checkout my schedule online.