If you are a physiotherapist looking for a clinic in Cork, The Natural Clinic may be the place for you. Join a team of Cork's finest complementary health practitioners in a beautiful location.

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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a complimentary health profession which aims at rehabilitating individuals from physical impairment or disability after injury, strain, or surgery. Physiotherapists aim to restore functional movement as well as mobility for people of all ages.

Physio can help…

• Assess, diagnose as well as treat injuries
• Assist in the prevention of injury in work as well in as in sports

Physiotherapists can work with you using various techniques, including manipulation, exercise, massage, mobility work, and various treatments such as TENS/electrotherapy to alleviate pain and promote wellness.
While physiotherapy was historically rehabilitative and mainly implemented in hospitals, it has since branched out into other fields and is popularly used preventatively as well as in sports.

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