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“The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free”
— Rollo May
To me, therapy isn’t just about looking at problems. It’s about learning to take back control of your life so you find your unique road towards self-acceptance, contentment and success.  I have a great passion for my profession and I believe that my knowledge and expertise could be useful to those who have the intention to change and want to find their way to a better version of themselves. And while we must each walk this path on our own two feet, I will support you every step of the way at the beginning until you will manage it independently.

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Psychotherapy Sessions

Therapy sessions are always tailored to your specific needs and goals. My primary aim is to provide a safe therapeutic environment and support you to achieve these goals.
I use a variety of approaches and techniques with an emphasis on creating an honest, constructive and professional relationship where you can freely express and explore your thoughts and feelings — and find a resolution to any issues or challenges you may be facing.  

After sessions, my clients typically report experiences of genuine insight, a release of mental, emotional tension, or they may come to see how some problems are related to subconscious patterns or learned behaviours from past experiences.  


My Approach and Training

I am a chartered psychologist registered with PSI (Psychological Society of Ireland) and an accredited clinical supervisor with APCP (Association of Professional Counselling & Psychotherapy). My core training is in clinical and educational psychology and I specialised in cross-cultural psychology. I am experienced in working with adults, couples and children.

I work using an integrated model of psychotherapy. I combine humanistic and psychodynamic concepts within my work, and I also value the influences of cognitive behavioural and person-centred approaches. We use an integrative approach that will follow your needs and help develop insight into the true nature of your problems. Once you become aware and have an understanding of your past and present, you gain the freedom of choosing your future by taping into your unused resources and hidden potential. I may also introduce various techniques and coping strategies to help with relaxation and stress management as well as reprogramming and training yourself to achieve desired outcomes.  

Whatever the case, I am committed to providing a safe, therapeutic environment to address your needs and help you to reach your goals.

Note: For health professionals, including psychotherapists and counsellors, I provide Clinical Supervision.


It can be hard to meet a therapist for the first time. To make it easier, I offer new clients a 30-minute consultation with no fees. There is no pressure and you do not have to make any decision there and then. This is an opportunity for you to meet me, discuss your situation and decide if my approach is right for you.


30 min First Chat60 min Session90 min Session
Regular Consultation – FreeRegular Consultation –  €75Regular Consultation – €100
Student/Medical Card – FreeStudent/Medical Card – €55Student/Medical card – €75

Call Alvina Grosu On Mobile 0863533113 or
The Natural Clinic Reception on 0214 311 977

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