Thank you so much for choosing to enhance your body’s ability to make energy with us.

You are on the right path.

This system was developed in a clinical setting with thousands of clients who live with fatigue and who saw huge improvements in their energy and many other aspects of their health.

Each client was given one hour every month for 3 months face to face with myself in my clinic and then given various versions of this program to work with on their own over each month between sessions.

Each time they applied the program it had an effect ranging from “I feel so much better” to :

RO Happy

“Wow, I can’t believer it” to tears and frustration that “why didn’t anyone tell me this before”

Over time the program became nuanced more and more into one single program that had the same amazing effect on each client. Our bodies energy making system works in the same way for every human on the planet so in working with so many people I got to see how I could simplify helping this system to work.

Each phase is very specific and builds on the last so, although you may start to feel the difference from early on in this process, it takes real daily repetition to allow the body and yourself to become used to making energy again and to allow that pattern to stick.

Each client had other health concerns that are natural when you are low in energy, so you might see other areas of your health and wellness improve too. You are heading into a new chapter in your health, a time when you are empowered and have the tools to give your body what it need to make energy and a body with energy can do anything.

I look forward to seeing how you progress and to getting to send you the next phase of this program.

All you need is in each phase. You are on your way.

I wish you the very best and really look forward to hearing how this program has changed your energy.

Thank you once again for your trust.

Leonard Murphy. , Chief NT.

The Natural Clinic.

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