The connection between emotional stress and chronic fatigue


Chronic FatigueThe connection between emotional stress and chronic fatigue.

I have come to realize that the most common reasons for fatigue are not found in physical reasons only, but often stem from negative thinking patterns and unresolved non beneficial emotions.

When it comes to chronic fatigue we tend to place the blame at the door of undiagnosed thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue or chronic viral infections.

When meeting with a client, I always look into the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of a person to find the root cause for the fatigue. What I have found is that thought processes, emotional trauma and belief systems play a dominant role in contributing to chronic fatigue.

Fortunately, tapping or holding meridian acupressure points helps to dampen the emotional and physical pain associated with chronic fatigue.

I personalise these points according to the clients individual needs using muscle testing and dowsing as this increases the effectiveness in shifting the pain.

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