The Natural Clinic, 3 floors, 6 rooms, 14 therapists, 1 great team. 


The increased growth of natural health has found a professional space in The Natural Clinic. Our team members are the best in their fields and when we sit down to work on a case we each bring our years of experience to the table.

The concept of working with other therapists came from seeing better results when I included other therapies at the same time as Nutritional Therapy. When Diet and either osteopathy or kinesiology or acupuncture, psychotherapy or physical therapy/massage or any of our many other therapies are used together it is much more potent than either used separably.

The entire growth of The Natural Clinic is based on the success stories from our clients. When we have experts and specialists in different fields of Natural Health working together we can improve the chance of an unhealthy persons health improving.

If you are unsure of who to book below you can phone or call to reception and one of out team can answer your questions.

Leonard Murphy, Chief Nutritional Therapist and Creator of The Natural Clinic.

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