360-Degree Approach to Anxiety


Anxiety and the state of mental health in Ireland seem to make the news daily, but with over 2 million prescriptions doled out yearly for anxiety and depression and no sign of this epidemic decreasing, perhaps it is time we looked beyond conventional models of treatment. As a recent article in the Irish Examiner pointed out, even prominent members of the medical community are starting to question the current approach to treating mental illness.

 Over the next few blogs I will argue that alternative therapies can help tackle the root causes of anxiety and empower people to take control of their health. I will be giving my professional opinion on:

 – The causes of anxiety, including social aspects, poor nutrition, self programming, and underlying  trauma.

 – How we need to recognise anxiety as a syndrome, and a symptom of other underlying challenges.    That we need to stop seeing the anxiety itself as the condition to be treated.

 – How therapies such as kinesiology can go beyond medication and counselling, working with the body  and mind to empower people to take control of their health.

– The hugely underestimated role of nutrition in tackling anxiety.

– Why individuals need to get more actively involved in their own treatment, and be prepared to invest their time and energy into getting on top of this condition.

I hope this adds to the conversation about mental health in Ireland, as anxiety is affecting far too many people who feel there is nowhere to turn for help.

 Kate Kalin

Acumen Coaching and Therapies – KinesiologyCork – at The Natural Clinic

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