A new take on your problems


When we have a problem, we tend to try to solve it ourselves, if we believe it is solvable at all. We take all of our past experience, knowledge and education and do our best to overcome the problem ourselves. Then if we have no luck with that, we may choose to talk to someone, a friend or family and see if their knowledge added to ours is enough to solve the problem.
By then we have taken up so much of our mental energy that we may have made the problem bigger than it is to ourselves and we may not be able to see the woods for the trees when it comes to dealing with it.
At this stage, often subconsciously, we can try to supress the stress the problem is causing us.
At that point we may be mentally fatigued to a point where other small issues become bigger issues, we might miss sleep, feel more anxious, not be at our best and not even really know why. But all the time that original problem is still there.
Is it the problem that is the issue or the face that we are supressing our emotions about it.
“Feel the feelings” is a bit of a buzz phrase at the moment but it could not be more correct. If we can feel the emotion safely and without doing any harm to ourselves it can often be less of a strain than suppressing it.
But in a world where we are not educated on how to deal with stressful thoughts it can be hard to know what to do when we do allow the feelings to happen around those stressful problems and our thoughts around them.
If renovating a house you may try to do the plumbing yourself but most people don’t know enough to do a good enough job so will hire a plumber, at least for the tricky bits. A psychotherapist or psychologist knows how to do the tricky bits when it comes to helping us deal with feelings, emotions and thoughts that we don’t know how to deal with well enough. Why not learn how to do the tricky bits yourself from them, so you can avoid needing to call them in the future? How to stop a problem becoming bigger and mentally draining and negatively impacting your life.
If you find any of our team can help with the tricky problems then get in touch, book online or reach out with any questions that pop up.
Today we welcome a new therapist to the team that may help you. You can learn more about the team or Sara Kelly Coaching Psychologist a the clinic website The Natural Clinic

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