Rising from the edge to Freedom


My name is Luis, I’m a Certified Life and Transformation Coach at The Natural Clinic in Cork and online, Strategic Interventionist, Speaker, Breathwork, Yin Yoga and Insight Meditation Instructor.

I help people bridge the gap between trauma and lack of fulfilment, growth, and contribution.

But it wasn’t always like that, I’ve come a long way! My own healing journey began after more than a decade of spiritual and emotional abuse with a severe illness, divorce, losing my job, moving to another country, the loss of my parents and later my beloved brother to chronic disease.

As a survivor of over a decade of abuse and coercive control, and manipulation, I know well the dark face of spirituality and how so many of us get caught in co-dependency behaviours.

On the other hand, I understand how the material world keeps us disconnected from our true nature finding fulfilment outside of us. There was a time when I engaged in self-defeating behaviours that most of us engaged in after abusive relationships.

This process of the dark night of the soul led me to awaken and pursue a new direction in life. I’m healing the chronic fatigue and adrenal meltdown that manifested as a result of years of psychological abuse. The life I have now is even better than I could have ever imagined, I no longer suffer from cognitive dissonance, trauma symptoms are healing and my self-esteem is higher than it has ever been in my life.

After 20 years as an Art & Design Professional and Lecturer, I’ve trained extensively in the holistic healing arts and personal development for over a decade. I am continually researching and training in this field of interest.

The diversity of my studies spans Strategic Intervention/ Transformation Coaching to Insight Meditation (Vipassana), Yin Yoga, Breathwork Instructor, extracting the most practical and effective forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines: Ericksonian therapy, Strategic Family Therapy, Human Needs Psychology, Somatic Psychology, Breathwork, Organizational Psychology, Neurolinguistics, Psychology of Influence, Strategic Studies, Traditions of Diplomacy and Negotiation, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Trauma & Emotional Release Exercises, and others.

My speciality is a holistic approach based on the middle way of the heart, to help you find your purpose, and bring you back home to be yourself, free to be the real you.

With that in mind, I’ve created OAKLIFT, which connects two words OAK + LIFT. The OAK (from my Surname – Carvalho in Portuguese), which is the national tree of many countries, primarily symbolizes strength and endurance. Other qualities associated with the oak tree include protection, success and stability.

In addition to representing qualities related to power and durability, the oak tree was considered a bearer of good luck, fertility, potency, healing and health by the Druids. Known as the king of the forest for its strength and longevity, the oak is most sacred to the Druids and the word Druid comes from the Celtic word for oak ‘Duir’. and LIFT, which means picking up and moving to a different position, to raise to a higher position or level. So, all together brings the strength and power to rise above any circumstance in life.

My Purpose

My life purpose is to be my true self, uninhibited by fear and control. I want to be a source of light that radiates and inspire others to live authentically and with passion. I want to stand up for what I believe in and to contribute positively to my community and the world. My deepest wish in life is to give something beautiful to this world, something that breaks through our barriers and reaches the soul. I want to leave this world knowing that I made it a better place.

My Mission

My mission is to be a safe space where you and I feel grounded, connected, open and authentic. And from that place, to serve and inspire people at a higher level, helping them to unlock the sparkle of being alive, excel to their full potential and live a life beyond their dreams.

My Vision

Imagine a world where you can overcome any conditioning, a place that encourages free thinking, personal development, and connection that supports and helps you expand to live an extraordinary life.

Let me help you create a life story you’ll love telling and will inspire others!

Let’s work it out together…

You can do this.

Accept yourself, Love yourself, Be yourself…

Luis Carvalho

Strategic Intervention & Life and Transformation Coach

Visit me at www.oaklift.com

luis.oaklift@gmail.com | +353 87 33 48 490

I would love to know more about you.

You can learn more about Luis’s practice and book an appointment at The Natural Clinic
Luis Carvalho Life and Transformation Coach Cork

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