I’m so busy!


My generation might have grown up in a time when being busy was a sign of success but is that still the case? Can we be less busy and successful?

I think so and I believe it is the best kind of success.

I wonder if it is a kind of anxiety or unease that makes us think if we aren’t doing something productive all the time we are not doing enough. Is it a form of guilt?

To be successful and not really constantly busy seem to be at odds with our long-held interpretation of how hard work leads to success. I saw a piece of wall art telling you to get off your ass or you’ll never be successful.

Imagine looking at that every morning and seeing 1) how unhappy you are supposed to be if you are not successful and 2) how only hard work will lead you to success, how you can’t be successful unless you push and push even if you don’t enjoy it and have already been doing it every day anyway.

Asking the right questions can be amazing.

I learned that from a life and transformation coach early on in my current career, about 11 years ago at 38 years of age. asking what I don’t want was as important as what I do. I didn’t want a 9-5 and a living for the weekend kind of career.

I did want to have a focus and work with very specific people who needed my service. I was asked to consider more and more specific questions until I reached clarity and was very clear in my direction. It was a defining point in my life and new career. I would never have known the questions myself so would never have come up with the answers and would never have found the right way to work for me.

Careers change as do we, so you are never as stuck as you think but you may not be able to see it alone, you might need someone to ask you the right questions, there is always a way.

Life and transformation coach Cork.

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