Preventative therapy….when to take action


We all know that certain levels of stress are normal and even good in some cases. If you are late with a work or college assignment or you are nervous about a business venture or get anxious before a big event it’s often just part of having a healthy nervous system. But sometimes it feels like more, it gets difficult to feel at ease in more and more situations.

We might avoid things that make us feel anxious or need a drink to steady our nerves before we do anything that previously would have been just a little stressful or may lash out more than before at the suggestion that we do something that was not a problem in the past.

At what point do you seek help?

In 2014 when the clinic opened it was still seen as taboo to mention that you had a therapist or were going to see someone to talk about your anxiety or other issues. In just 8 years we have come a long way.

Now even having casual chats with people about mental and emotion health I love hearing that they are going or benefitted from going to a therapist. It’s so refreshing. Getting help in tough times is becoming more acceptable. But still, could we get help before the times actually get tough, can we have preventative therapy.


Learning a skill as important as how to view things in a different way than how we have been seeing them can make a huge difference to your life. At a point where the thoughts and emotions are a problem means there is more work to do, learning how to avoid letting those thoughts and feeling become a problem is incredibly valuable for every aspect of your life.

A friend of mine said recently that she wished she had brought her daughter to therapy before she noticed there was a problem. That made perfect sense to me, especially when it was such a huge help for her daughter and that she is now enjoying life so much more.

Those skills are too important to leave to an emotional emergency or to when we have debilitating anxiety levels.

So, consider working with a professional when you first think of it, when you first feel you may need one. Don’t wait until there is no choice.

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