It’s just a phase, really it is!


If we have been feeling unwell for a while, we often feel this is how we are going to stay, that from now on we will be like this and we forget how it felt to be fully well and healthy. This leaves us hopeless about our potential to be well and can affect every aspect of our lives. We often retreat a little more and are a little more careful with ourselves and we may filter plans through the question of how we will feel tomorrow or next week, expecting it to be the same.

Sometimes we need this time to let ourselves be unwell, to let the body and mind recover and take care of ourselves but after a while we might not need it as much, but it can be hard to switch it off and see ourselves as healthy and well again.

It could be something as simple as going for a walk or something more drastic like booking a holiday or going to a concert that flips a switch in you and helps you to forget that you were unwell but sometimes it’s more about giving the body and mind a reset.

At the clinic we work mostly with people who came to us because they are feeling unwell. We see them as they are now but know that this period of their lives is just like a screenshot of their current health profile. They were not always as they present to us and they have the ability to be well again.

Sometimes it looks impossible to them but to the team here who have already seen so many people transform in body and mind it is more than possible, it is already happening They are here.

They took the step and started on the path themselves by reaching out to ask for help. But more than that, the people who come to the clinic are asking us to help them help themselves, they know there is no miracle cure but that with the right help amazing things can be achieved, and health is on the other side of the decision to change the current situation. Learning more is easy.

Check out our website and reach out if you feel it’s time to ask for help.
The Natural Clinic Team

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