The age of knowledge.


We know so much about health these days but being healthy seems to be harder than ever.

We have access to so much good food, there are busy gyms all over Cork city and the roads are full of cyclists and the footpaths full of people walking and running. So, how are our health levels plummeting and rates of serious physical and mental disease increasing at such an unprecedented high level?

It might Surprise you to know that even good food like vegetables contain a lot less nutrients than they would have in the past.
Add to that, the ingredients in foods have steadily become more and more sugar, fat and salt based and you can maybe begin to see that eating a typical modern western diet may not be the as beneficial as it once was. Food itself has also been, in many cases, changed at a genetic level to grow faster and be hardier.

This may make it harder to digest increasing inflammation for many people as a side effect. I would suggest it’s not all about a more sedentary lifestyle, higher stress levels and more toxins in our environment, but that those factors add to the load we are carrying with us day after day.

Humans can handle a lot; we are incredibly adaptable and can thrive with very little.

But if we are not supported by a foundation of a good nutrient rich diet, as a society, we may run into difficulty. Is that what we are seeing now?How food lost its nutrients…BBC

If you are struggling to feel vibrant you may benefit from living or at least eating a little outside the box.

Learning how to do that may be what makes the difference to your health now and in the future.

We have the skills to show you how to reach your nutritional quota easily every day to help you feel vibrant and healthy.

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