Space, the final frontier


I wonder if the modern interpretation of this is less about outer space and more about giving someone actual personal space.
Could they change it to “boundaries, the final frontier”.

I see boundaries as both a good and bad thing, they can sometimes be used as an excuse not to help someone in need or to be as inactive as possible in a situation that needs activity or to get rid of someone you just don’t want to interact with. But in most cases, it can be a good idea to have boundaries, even if they have to be relatively flexible to the situation. Sometimes a totally impenetrable wall and sometimes a moveable structure.

How do you know when to use each type of boundary?

I’ve learned to use my gut instinct on this one. If it feels ok to let the guard down a little then that is probably good, but you’d want to check in with your gut feelings and double check too just to be sure.

Having floppy, overly flexible boundaries is not a good idea either. If someone is showing you red flags then it’s a good idea to trust yourself, you’re the best judge of whether something feels right or not. But if it does not feel right then no amount of hoping and thinking positively can protect you from being taken advantage of and if you knew but ignored the warning signs then that you should look at why?

What were you looking to achieve?

Did you need to be needed, to feel valuable? It might be worth looking into it more or talking to someone about it. Self-value is not a natural trait for many.

Boundaries are there to protect us but also to stop us being overly supportive in situations where our support may not be what is needed, where some professional support might be a better idea.

Learning more about yourself is always incredibly valuable and makes it a lot easier to find a value system that allows you to set just the right amount of boundary for you.

If you are concerned that you may have weak boundaries or none at all or that you are overstepping someone else’s healthy boundary then it’s worth looking at the team of therapists, counsellors and coaches that are working with those issues every day.
The Natural clinic team.

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