Biodynamic & Integrative Psychotherapy Cork.


Biodynamic and Integrative Psychotherapy

Biodynamic psychotherapy explores how many of our defensive patterns and postures become ‘locked’ in the body and I support my clients through talk-therapy to explore the root causes of their issues.

The therapeutic relationship is central to my work, and I work not just for my clients but with my clients to explore whatever issues may be presenting. With my client-work, I have specialised predominantly in complex trauma, early childhood issues, addiction recovery and crises of identity (sexuality, chronic health conditions, LGBTQ+ issues, life stagnation and life transition).

Next Steps

Finding the appropriate therapist and the right match is a crucial element to the healing process.

I currently have the following slots available:

Wednesdays at 3pm

Wednesdays at 4pm

If you feel that I might be a suitable match for you, please get in touch at or 087 4562587.

Denis Ryan Psychotherapy & Family Constellations Cork

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